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Bluetooth Buying Guide

A comprehensive bluetooth guide that will give you all the information you need on how to buy a new bluetooth for your home or on the go.

Getting Started

Bluetooth is wireless technology built into electronic devices enabling them to communicate with each other. Bluetooth equipped electronics are able to transmit all types of information such as data, music, videos, or transmit calls directly to wireless Bluetooth earpieces or from one Bluetooth enabled device to another. Bluetooth technology was found predominantly in wireless earpieces that allowed you to receive and make calls via a Bluetooth connection. They have since branched off into a variety of home electronics and home appliances as a way to control your items wirelessly.
Bluetooth at Home
Bluetooth is incredibly versatile and can assist in work or play. It can help in many ways from creating grocery list on a refrigerator which will then get transferred to an iPad, tablet or smart phone. Bluetooth can also be used for fun, like wireless controllers for gaming systems. For the avid music lovers, wireless speakers controlled via Bluetooth will give you the ultimate control of your songs. If you have a smartphone with Bluetooth capabilities, you can control your speaker with just the touch of a few buttons. Change the song, or raise and lower the volume, all without ever leaving the couch or room.

Things to Keep in Mind...

Consider Charging Convenience

Since it is a wireless technology that means it needs to be recharged. When choosing the right item, make sure it gives you the right amount of charging time you need. If you want a wireless speaker and plan on enjoying a full day at the beach, you will want a long-lasting batter. Keep that in mind when shopping.

Look for useful features
If you are looking for a new Bluetooth headset for your Smartphone, make sure you get one that is easy to control and is also comfortable. Keep an eye out for features such as microphone mute controls. This prevents the caller from hearing what you say but allows you to hear the caller. Call hold mutes the call on both sides and is handy if you want to talk face-to-face with someone else without ending the call. Volume control and last-number redial are also useful. A plus for music lovers: stereo models that allow you to replace the ear buds with better-sounding ones.

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