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Gunnar Optiks Digital Performance Eyeware

Form meets function with Gunnar Optiks Digital Performance Eyewear, computer glasses designed to reduce eye strain caused by long days in front of a computer screen. Every pair of Gunnar glasses features proprietary i-AMP lens technology, which addresses the many causes of eye strain and headaches. Gunnar lenses employ a unique shape and tint that reduces monitor glare; filters out harmful blue light from digital screens; and increase sharpness, contrast and detail. As a result, you'll enjoy greater visual acuity and experience less eye fatigue, which will keep your eyes feeling refreshed after a marathon gaming session or long day of spreadsheet work.

A wide range of stylish designs will appeal to all digital users, so whether you're interested in glasses for computer use in a business setting, or gaming glasses for long nights of FPS action, look to Gunnar Optiks, and you'll never look at a computer screen the same.

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