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Turbo Chef Electric Ovens

At Turbo Chef, their passion is to ensure you always have the time to serve meals that delight your family and friends, meet life's daily demands, and still have time left over to enjoy their company with a relaxing glass of wine.

Turbo Chef electric ovens are designed deliver exceptional quality in a fraction of the time. Patented Airspeed Technology™ enables you to cook up to 15x faster than conventional ovens. Imagine cooking anything from asparagus in 45 seconds, fresh cinnamon rolls in 2 1/2 minutes, or a 12-lb. Thanksgiving turkey in 42 minutes. Meats come out caramelized, moist and tender. Baked goods are golden brown, flaky and perfect. Vegetables are crisp, flavorful and nutritious.The oven features broadly curved edges, hearth-shaped sculpted doors, a premium stainless steel chassis and sculpted door handles. The upper door comes in a variety of colors, allowing you to match the oven to your kitchen color palette and accompanying appliances. Experience a demonstration online with Chef Charlie Trotter at

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