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Find great deals on top cordless phones, cell phones and cell phone accessories at Abt Electronics.

Not all phones are created equal. Just like the rest of the electronics in your home, the home phone as evolved over time leading way to a variety of features that enhance call clarity, expand signal area, and make communicating with your friends and family more accessible than ever before. Most of Abt's phones use DECT 6.0 Plus technology that is engineered to improve transmission quality while preventing interference from other household devices like routers, microwaves, and wireless electronics. Modern phones also have features like...

  • Cell-Forwarding that transforms your cell phone into an extension of your home phone
  • Bluetooth capabilites for hands-free communication
  • Multiple handsets so you always have a phone where and when you need it
  • Amplified handsets for a more powerful speaker, great for those hard of hearing and who use their phone in noisy environments.
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Our selection of cordless phones and cellular phones will ensure you here every word from the other end of the line. Never miss a message and stay in touch with friends and family with the phones and accessories from Abt.

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