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Window Air Conditioners

A window air conditioner is the perfect climate control option for homes or apartments without central air, or a room that's far from the central AC unit and needs a little help being cooled. A window AC is also particularly handy in areas of the country where you only need an air conditioning option for a short time each year. You can install the window air conditioner when it gets hot outside, and remove it when cool weather returns. Installation is usually very easy, and can be done without damaging or altering your home.

Abt carries window air conditioners from top brands like GE and Frigidaire and, as always, backs our products with award winning customers service. We encourage you to contact our window AC sales specialists at 888-228-5800 before purchasing to ensure electrical requirement compatibility.
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Showing 1 - 20 of 35 products

It's a common misconception that window air conditioner units are weak, underpowered replacements for central air. While no single window AC can match the power of a central AC, the truth is that they come in all sizes and price points. At the low end, the most inexpensive window AC unit will probably only have the power to cool a dorm room or small bedroom. But as the power increases, the best window air conditioner units will be able to comfortably cool large rooms, multiple rooms or even an entire apartment.

The main downside of a window AC unit is that the cool air output is localized and not distributed through vents as with a central AC unit. However, the upside to that is that a window air conditioner is better suited to rapidly cooling a single room, and simple on-unit controls make it easy to adjust the temperature. This makes large window air conditioners best suited for placement in the room that you spend lots of time in.

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