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When summer comes nothing beats staying cool with a wall air conditioner. A wall air conditioner is very similar to a window air conditioner with the difference being that it rests in a sleeve through the wall and not in a window opening. Many homes built prior to central air have wall air conditioner units. Typically, apartments and condominiums will use a wall unit to give each resident local climate control. When choosing the correct wall unit, it is necessary to consider the size of the room that you are cooling. Larger rooms typically need units with higher BTU’s, whereas smaller rooms need less.The best wall air conditioner units double as heaters, making them a great choice for homes in need of a complete climate control solution.

Abt offers a wide variety of wall air conditioners. Choose from any of our top manufacturers such as GE, Frigidaire, and Friedrich. For help choosing the correct air conditioner, check out Abt's Air Conditioner Buying Guide.

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A wall air conditioner unit is a good choice for the safety conscious. Window air conditioner installation can be a tricky process, with the unit running the risk of falling out while being installed or removed. A through-the-wall air conditioner simply slides into the an air conditioner sleeve that is secured in the wall.

Wall air conditioner units, however, do require creating a permanent hole in an exterior wall, which is something to keep in mind when choosing the right air conditioner. Brick walls or stud placements may make a wall unit an impractical choice.

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