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The Smart Watch has officially arrived. Not long ago, the idea of a wrist-mounted communications device was the stuff of science-fiction movies and spy novels. Well, you no longer need to be a certain detective in a yellow trenchcoat to get your hands on a futuristic phone watch.

With multiple models available from today's hottest tech brands, a smartwatch puts many of your favorite smartphone functions right at your fingertips. Get incoming call info on a Pebble Watch, check your email on the Sony SmartWatch 2 or take a discreet photo and instantly share it with the Samsung Galaxy Gear. A Smart Watch keeps you connected to the world around you while your smartphone stays tucked away in your pocket or purse.

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Showing 1 - 20 of 26 products

Smart Watches are relatively new gadgets, and their features are continuously improving. Each smartwatch needs to synch to your smartphone to get enhanced features. Once linked, depending on the model of smart watch, you can forward emails, text messages, GPS directions and more to your wrist. Some smart watches even have built-in microphones and speakers, allowing you to make phone calls. Calls are routed through your smartphone, just like when using a Bluetooth Headset. The Samsung watch—dubbed the Galaxy Gear—also has an integrated camera, so you can snap spontaneous photos without ever picking up your smartphone. Of course, ever smart watch also functions as a traditional digital watch when not linked to a smart device. As the technology matures, expect to see more advanced features and perhaps even complete phone functionality built in.

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