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Hammers & Hammer Drills

When a regular cordless drill just won't cut it, reach for a hammer drill for Bosch Tools

When you've got a heavy-duty drilling or driving task to complete, there's no better tool for the job than a Hammer Drill. The hammering action of these power tools helps drive the drill bit into tough materials that would make a normal drill bog down, like concrete or masonry. And you can still use a hammer drill for normal drilling tasks, with many models letting you turn off the hammering action entirely.

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Although a Rotary Hammer and Hammer Drill operate similarly and provide similar results, there is a mechanical difference between the two types of power tools. Where hammer drills use a special clutch that provides the hammering function, rotary hammers have a dedicated (usually pneumatic) piston that pounds the bit, offering a more intense impact and providing stronger drilling forces

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