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Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detectors

A connected smoke or carbon monoxide detector protects you when you're home and alerts you when you're away.

Carbon monoxide and smoke detectors help keep you safe from two of the most dangerous scenarios that can befall a home. The smart technology inside a Nest smoke or carbon monoxide detector puts these devices light-years beyond the chirping alarms found in most homes. Integrated wi-fi gives you constant access to the alarms from anywhere, informing you of battery status and alerting you to any activated alarms. A Nest detector can also sense light amounts of smoke—like from a burnt piece of toast—and issue a mild voice alert instead of a blaring alarm.

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Instead of just a piercing alarm, Nest smoke detectors use colored lights and voice guidance to alert you of fires or carbon monoxide leaks. At the first sign of a threat—smoke or CO levels just higher than normal—you'll hear a "Heads Up," and a description of the threat and where in the house it is. If the smoke or carbon monoxide detector senses a larger threat, a louder alarm will sound along with an emergency warning. You can also have the Nest alarms send these notifications to your smartphone.

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