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Grip the Racing Wheel Tight

Racing around the worlds most famous tracks in million dollar sports car can be quite the expensive hobby; fortunately, a racing wheel is the next best thing. Click the reset button when you crash that irreplaceable Ferrari and drive off like it never happened. Abt carries a great selection of racing wheels for PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. With force feedback that replicates the natural steering inputs of a real car, you will be hard-pressed to find anything just as lifelike. Still need a bigger rush? Hop in the cockpit and grab the flight controls and use the joystick to soar through the air in a number of aircraft. With accessories like rudders, control panels, and more you will be in the danger zone. Choose from Abt’s selection of racing wheels, flight controls, and accessories.

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  • Securely Position Your Console Upright For The Perfect Setup And Fit/ Black Finish
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  • Abt Model: 2960720
    Regular Price $499.99
    Your Price $399.99
    Unique Replica Set Of The US Air Force A-10C’s Joystick, Dual Throttle System & Control Panel/ H.E.A.R.T. (HallEffect Accurate Technology)/ 3D Magnetic Sensors On The Stick/ Surgical Precision Stays Sharp Over Time/ 16-Bit Resolution/ 5-Coil Spring System/ Stable, Weighted Base/ USB Connection With Upgradable Firmware/ Black Finish
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  • Abt Model: 3001555
    Regular Price $49.00
    Your Price $44.00
    1280 x 800 Resolution Per Lens/ RAW YUV (Uncompressed) Video Format/ Dual Lenses, F Value/F2.0 Fixed Focus/ 4 Channel Microphone Array/ Required For PlayStation VR/ 85 Degree Field-Of-View/ Black Finish
  • Detachable Leather Wrapped Wheel/ T-DFB Depth And Linear Feedback System (40W)/ Industrial-Class Brushless Motor/ 4 Rotary Selectors, 12 Positions/ 2 Metal Paddle Shifters/ Adjustable Accelerator And Clutch Pedals (In Height And Spacing)/ Compatible With Gran Turismo Sport And Future Gran Turismo Games/ Black Finish
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  • Feel Like You're Behind The Wheel In Your Favorite Racing Game/ Joy-Con Controllers Not Included/ Set Of 2/ Black Finish
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  • Genuine Sequential Gearshift Knob Optimized/ Screws Directly Into TH8A & TH8RS Shifters/ Unique Design Enables 2 Driving Styles/ Compatible With All PC & PS3 Racing Wheels & Games That Support Multi-USB & Gearboxes/ 360º Rotation Adjustment/ HallEffect AccuRate Technology/ Contactless Magnetic Sensor/ Detachable Knob Compatible With Real Universal Knobs/ Black Finish
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  • Abt Model: 2960703
    Regular Price $49.99
    Your Price $40.00
    Wide Handrest/ Programmable 12 Buttons & 5 Axis/ Detachable, Real-Size, Ergonomically Designed Throttle Control/ Mapping Button/ Dual-System Aerodynamic Control/ High-Precision Joystick With Adjustable Resistance/ Internal Memory/ Preset Button/ Black Finish
  • Abt Model: 4060056
    Regular Price $99.99
    Your Price $64.99
    100 Percent Metal Pedals And Internal Structure/ Pedals With Individual Pressure Settings/ Wide And Perfectly Stable/ Fully Adjustable/ Built-In Threaded Holes For Cockpit Setups/ Black Finish
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  • PS4 Officially Licensed/ 100% Compatibility In Games & In Menus With Official PS Share & Options Buttons/ Wheel Grip With Rubber Texture Coating/ 2 On-Wheel Sequential Digital Gear Shift Paddles/ Large Optimized 2-Pedal Set With Wide Footrest & Adjustable Angle Of Inclination For Each Pedal/ Brake Pedal Featuring Progressive Resistance/ Adjustable Wheel Sensitivity For Precise Driving/ Black Finish
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  • Designed For Comprehensive, Realistic Controls As An Alternative To A Mouse & Keyboard/ H.E.A.R.T. (HallEffect Accurate Technology) Offers Greater Precision Due To Magnetic Sensors/ Helical Spring (2.8mm Dia)/ T.A.R.G.E.T (Thrustmaster Advanced Programming Graphical Editor) Programming Software/ 16 Action Buttons With Braille-Style Physical Button Identification/ Black Finish
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  • Genuine Hand-Stitched Leather/ 11" Diameter/ Constructed To Automotive Standards/ 2 Wheel-Mounted Paddle Shifters/ 6 Easy-Access Action Buttons/ 3-Position Rotary Switch With Push Function In Central Position/ Multidirectional D-Pad/ Detachable Wheel With Thrustmaster Quick Release System/ Black Finish
  • Abt Model: 4469016
    Regular Price $399.99
    Your Price $249.99
    Metal Gas & Brake Pedals & Gear Sequential Paddle Shifters/ Super-Smooth, Seamless Force Feedback Effect & Ultraresponsive, Realistic Force Effects/ Embedded Dual-Belt, Friction-Free Mechanism For A Super-Silent System/ 100V–125V Version/ 7:10 Scale Replica Of The Emblematic Ferrari 458 Italia Wheel/ Black Finish
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  • Abt Model: 2969099
    TS-PC Racer Motor Provides Powerful 40W Brushless FFB/ High Velocity From Long Stall Curves To Super-Responsive Zigzags/ Motor Cooling Embedded System Maintains Dynamics/ H.E.A.R.T (HallEffect Accurate Technology)Provides 16-Bit Resolution/ External TURBO Power Supply Delivers Constant Power/ Black Finish
  • Compatible With Xbox One & PC/ Ergonomic, Realistic Wheel Design/ 900 Degrees Force Feedback Base/ Mixed Belt Pulley, Gear Systems & Metal Ball Bearing Axle/ 11" Wheel Diameter/ Includes Large Pedal Set/ Black Finish
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  • Abt Model: 4460105
    Regular Price $109.00
    Your Price $89.00
    Wide & Adjustable Optimized Pedal Set/ 7:10 Replica Of The Ferrari 458 Spider Racing Wheel/ Realistic 28cm Diameter Racing Wheel/ 2 Up & Down Metal Paddle Shifters/ 9 Replica Action Buttons/ 1 Manettino (2 Positions)/ 1 Xbox Guide Button/ Auto Centering/ 240° Rotation Angle/ Built-In Controller Pairing Detection LED For Kinect/ Central Clamping System/ Brake Pedal Offering Progressive Resistance/ Black And Red Finish
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  • 8GB Internal Memory/ First-Ever Minecraft Wearable/ Lets You Connect To Any Computer With USB/ Durable, Comfortable Strap/ LED Display/ Cutting-Edge Technology/ Minecraft Game License Sold Separately/ Black And Redstone Finish
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  • Brushless Servomotor/ Dual-Belt Mechanism/ Ultra-Responsive And Realistic Force Effects With No Latency/ Internal Memory And Upgradeable Firmware/ Compatible On PC With All USB Shifters And Pedal Sets In Games That Support Multi-USB/ Black Finish
  • 5.12" Tall Gear Stick With Detachable Knob/ Halleffect Accurate Technology/ Adjustable Shifting Resistance/ Shift-Plate Position & Rotation Adjustable By 360°/ Built-In Screw Threads & Removable Clamping System Allow For Cockpit Mounting/ Unique Design Allows 2 Different Driving Styles/ USB Or DIN Connectivity/ Silver And Black Finish
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  • Abt Model: 4469021
    Regular Price $469.99
    Your Price $299.99
    Next-Generation Force Feedback Racing Simulator For Xbox One & PC/ Hand-Stitched Leather Wheel/ Smooth & Seamless Force Feedback/ Xbox Guide Button/ Controller Pairing LED For Kinect Detection/ Built-In Screw Threads For Attachment To All Cockpits/ Includes T3PA 3-Pedal Pedal Set/ Black Finish
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  • Abt Model: 4169088
    Regular Price $399.99
    Your Price $299.99
    1080° Force Feedback Base/ Detachable Racing GT Style Wheel/ 2 Large, Wheel-Mounted Sequential Paddle Shifters/ T3PA – GT Edition Pedal Set/ Industrial-Class Brushless Servomotor/ New Dual-Belt System/ H.E.A.R.T. HallEffect Accurate Technology/ Thrustmaster Quick Release System/ Ecosystem-Ready/ Black Finish
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