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Home Theater Systems

Bring the complete movie theater experience straight into your home with affordable name brand home theater systems. Enjoy your favorite programs with your very own home theater system from Abt!

While a big screen TV is the foundation for any Home Theater System, the home movie theater experience isn't complete until you add a surround sound system. This can seem like a complicated project, involving picking out separate components and running lots of wires, but Abt's selection of prepackaged home theater systems makes it an effortless affair.

Sometimes referred to as a "home theater in a box," or HTIB, these speaker systems include everything you need to start enjoying movie-theater quality sound, right in your own home. A receiver with dvd player built in cuts down on extra equipment, and the speakers are sonically-matched to sound great together. If you can't run wires across your room, look for a system with wireless rear speakers. And while the best home theater systems include five or more speakers, sometimes your room setup simply can't accommodate any surround speakers. In that case, a perfect solution is a soundbar, which replicates surround sound from a single speaker placed under your TV. Any of these systems can also be used with the TV off, as a stereo system for home music enjoyment.

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Who needs expensive, crowded movie theaters when you can enjoy your favorite films in the peaceful comfort of a home movie theater?

Add one of our home theater systems to your big screen TV and you'll have a picture and sound that rival the best professional theaters. And when you're not watching a movie, but would prefer to listen to music, home theater equipment works equally well as a stereo system for home enjoyment. Before shopping for home theater systems review our Home Movie Theater Buying Guide.

Abt's selection of Home Theater Systems includes packages from the best audio brands, like Bose, Panasonic, Sony.

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