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Reduce the amount of food waste in your home with a Garbage Disposal.

Using a garbage disposal is the swift and environmentally easy alternative to removing food waste from your kitchen. A garbage disposal is made to efficiently eliminate leftover food waste by grinding remains into fine particles that are easily flushed away. When shopping, look for a few key features before purchasing a garbage disposal, such as what type you will need? How much horsepower do you want? Are there any special features that you require? We also recommend to check if your waste goes to a septic tank, as this can determine the specific type you will need.

Browse disposals from top brands like GE, Kitchenaid and Whirlpool, or contact Abt's Sale Specialists at 888.228.5800 to learn more

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  • Abt Model: WD9088
    Regular Price $112.00
    Your Price $78.40
    Alternative To A Wall Mounted Electrical Switch/ Easily Installed/ For Continuous Feed Models/ Requires Disposer Air Switch/ Black Finish
    In Stock | Free Shipping
  • Abt Model: FWD75R
    Regular Price $339.00
    Your Price $237.30
    3/4 HP/ 2700 RPM/ Continuous Feed/ Grey Finish
    In Stock | Free Shipping
  • Abt Model: FWD100R
    Regular Price $429.00
    Your Price $300.30
    2800 RPM/ 1 Horse Power/ May Require Air Switch And Controller/ Grey Finish
    In Stock | Free Shipping
  • Abt Model: WD75RC
    Regular Price $219.00
    Your Price $153.30
    2700 RPM/ 3/4 HP Horse Power/ Continuous Feed/ Stopper And Flange Standard On Each Disposer Not Available Separately/ Includes Power Cord/ Grey Finish
    Special Order: 7 To 14 Day Delivery Time | Free Shipping
  • Abt Model: FWD75BR
    Regular Price $399.00
    Your Price $279.30
    2800 RPM/ 3/4 Horse Power/ Does Not Require An Air Switch Or Controller/ Grey Finish
    Special Order: 7 To 14 Day Delivery Time | Free Shipping
Showing all 5 products

Abt carries both types of garbage disposal systems, continuous and batch feed. Continuous feed disposers are turned on and off with a power switch. They usually have a shield surrounding the hole in the sink so things do not come back out while being ground for disposal. Some continuous feed disposals have a reverse setting to help reduce jamming. Batch feed disposals operate when a lid is engaged, making them safer. They are a good option for families with children because food is unable to fly out of the sink. Batch feed food waste disposals are usually more expensive than the continuous feed disposals.

The size of the motor in the garbage disposal directly correlates to the units grinding ability. Garbage disposals typically have between 1/3-1 horsepower motors. Choose the correct horsepower based on the waste that you need to remove. 1/3 horsepower units will help tackle tasks like grinding vegetables easily, but more power is recommended if disposing a large quantity of food waste such as, vegetables and harder to grind meats.

Additional features that come on food disposals may include anti-jam devices, a stainless steel grinding chamber, dishwasher connection, a disposal for use with septic tanks, and quiet operation enhancements. If you are looking for further options, be prepared to spend slightly more than you would on the average garbage disposal.

Find the perfect garbage disposal from top manufactures such as GE, KitchenAid, Whirlpool, Rohl, Franke, Dornbracht and WasteKing, available at Abt.

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