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Whether you call them flat panel TVs or flat screen TVs, Abt's LCD TV selection is second to none.

If it's time to replace that old tube TV with something a little more modern, an LCD TV is the perfect choice. Today's LCD TVs offer breathtaking image quality, multimedia features and more in affordable models of all sizes. LCDs are the best way to get a big TV for the least amount of money, as they tend to be less expensive than comparable LED and Plasma TVs of the same size.

A 42" LCD set makes a great entry into the world of flat panel TVs, providing a screen big enough for a medium-sized room, without taking up too much space. One thing to pay attention to when buying an LCD television is the refresh rate. The higher the refresh rate—expressed in Hz—the better the TV will be at displaying fast-moving action. For help in choosing the best LCD TV for your needs, visit our HDTV Buying Guide, where you'll find help with technical terms, how to choose the right size TV and more.

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A common question we hear at Abt is: “What is an LCD TV?” LCD is an acronym for Liquid Crystal Display, which is the technology that makes up the display. This flat screen TV is comprised of two glass panels filled with liquid crystals. The front glass panel is etched into a grid pattern (a template) so the liquid crystals can be filtered by light. The crystals serve as intelligent shutters, allowing light to pass or act like a roadblock. The patterns of light and dark crystals determine the image on an LCD display. Whether it is a 32 inch TV or a 60 inc TV, you will be amazed at the high definition quality.

An LCD television is a great way to watch your favorite programming, which is why Abt stocks an extensive collection of the best LCD TVs, from top brands like a Samsung TV, Sharp, Toshiba and more. We often have great TV deals that will let you find the TV that is a best buy for your home entertainment center. Our TV Sales Specialists will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have before purchasing an LCD TV. We even have a a variety of excellent TV reviews written by our customers. Stop into our Chicago area store or give us a call at 888-228-5800 and find the best TV for your home!

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