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Blu-ray Players & DVD Players

Enjoy a DVD or Blu-ray Player from Abt!

A DVD Player and a Blu-ray player compliment any home entertainment system. Blu-ray players provide the best picture and sound quality on the market, so all your old favorites will be re-energized with true color and crystal clear sound. Plus, if the satellite or cable goes out, your DVD or Blu-ray player will bring hours of entertainment to the entire family.

DVD players play commercial DVDs, recorded DVDs, CDs, and some play re-writeable DVDs and mp3s; it all depends on what type of player you choose. Some units even come with recording and up-scaling features.

Look for a DVD and Blu-ray player from top manufacturers like Samsung, Sony, and Panasonic.

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DVD players are available with a variety of features and come in a wide array of price ranges. Features range from basic DVD playback to single vs. multi-disc playback to 1080p up-conversion.

A Blu-ray player is definitely a step up from a standard DVD player. They pack more than two million pixels into a picture where a traditional DVD player has about 350,000 in a picture.  With many more features like streaming Netflix, Pandora internet radio, BD Live and the ability to stream video from your computer, a Blu-ray player is more of a media center than just a video player. Blu-ray players can also come with features ranging from built-in Wi-fi, 7.1 channel audio out, and 3D functionality.

Blu-ray players are no longer exotic; they are more common now than ever. You can even get a portable DVD player or portable Blu-ray player. They are a great way to optimize your 1080p HDTV and home theater. They will show every single pixel where a traditional DVD  player will not.

If you are in the market for a disc player, the best choice would be to buy a Blu-ray player. They are able to upconvert standard DVDs, so even if you aren’t ready to buy all new discs, not to worry, you will still be able to view them on a Blu-ray player.

Not sure which one is right for you? Check out our DVD Player Buying Guide, and Blu-ray Buying Guide for some help making the right choice.

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