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Hands Free Car Kits

With Hands Free Car Kit, you can take phone calls while keeping your eyes on the road ahead.

Using a Hands-Free Car Kit is becoming a necessity, as driving while holding a cell phone becomes illegal in more states. And even if it's not required in your area, using a hands-free device is a great way to be a safe driver. These kits use Bluetooth technology to automatically route calls through your car stereo system, proving a completely hands-free talking experience. For an easier solution, also consider pairing your cellphone with a Bluetooth Headset.
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Hands Free Car Kit

Using a hands free car kit while driving is not just about the law or increasing driving safety. It's also much more comfortable! Whether you choose a mobile hands free system that connects to your car speakers or just a Bluetooth headset, the result is much more pleasant than holding a cellphone while driving. Relax, pay attention to the road and enjoy the drive with a hands-free car kit from Abt.
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