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Recordable DVD Discs

Recordable DVD Discs provide an easy, inexpensive way to backup your data for safekeeping or sharing.

Everything we do today is digital, and it seems like every day we're taking more photos and videos. All that data usually sits on a single hard drive that can fail at any time, potentially losing precious memories forever. Writing your irreplaceable photos, documents and other data to a DVD+R or DVD+RW disc is a simple way to create safe backups. A blank DVD is compact and costs very little, making it a great way to share photos with family and friends. Best of all, taking advantage of blank DVDs as a storage medium doesn't take much technical know-how. Nearly every computer sold today has a built-in DVD writer; simply pop in a blank DVD+R or DVD+RW disc, select the files you want to backup and let the automated software do the work.

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  • Abt Model: VER95098
    Regular Price $39.00
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    4.7GB/120 Minute Storage Capacity/ Up To 16X Write Speed/ AZO Technology/ Read Compatible With Most DVD-ROM Drives And DVD Players/ 100 Pack
    In Stock | Free Shipping when you spend $45
  • Abt Model: 10DMW47SS
    Regular Price $18.00
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    Store Up To 4.7GB / Compatible for Playback With Most DVD Players And DVD-ROM Drives
    Back Ordered 2 To 4 Weeks | Free Shipping when you spend $45
Showing all 2 products

There are numerous benefits to using blank DVD storage, and choosing which type of blank DVDs you need depends on how you want to use them. The available types of blank media are DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW and DVD+RW. You'll notice first difference is the "dash" or "plus" sign after DVD. That signifies two different recording formats. However, this is something you won't have to worry about because nearly every DVD burner available today is a dual format DVD burner, meaning it can use both types of blank DVD.

The difference you should pay attention to is between DVD+R and DVD+RW. On those discs, the "R" means you can only write data to the disc one time. It is not reusable. However, a disc with "RW" is rewritable, so after saving data on it you can later erase that data and rewrite new data. Because of this extra feature, DVD+RW discs are more expensive than DVD+R discs.

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