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Home Theater Speaker Packages

Home Theater Speaker Packages

The choice of speakers can make or break a home theater system. They work in unison to create an immersive audio and visual experience right in your living room. With the right equipment and configuration, your home can have theater-quality sound.

At Abt, you can purchase home theater speaker packages in a variety of price ranges. Buying a speaker package eliminates the need for voice-matching and fumbling through speaker settings trying to find an equal sound. At Abt, we carry a wide selection of home theater systems from manufacturers like Bose and Definitive Technology. Pop in your favorite movie and surround yourself in a complete home theater experience the way it was intended to be heard.

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When creating a surround sound environment, the best sound comes from home theater speakers of the same brand and family and with a speaker package; the need to choose speakers then test them for sound matching becomes unnecessary.

Another key element of purchasing a great home entertainment speaker speaker is buying the best speakers that you can afford.  Better home theater speakers will be made of medium density fiberboard or aluminum.  To ensure greater speaker control and precise sound, make sure your speaker has high-quality magnets, voice coils, and strong driver materials. Depending on the driver material, the speaker can produce different kinds of sound. Ask a home theater specialist for assistance in determining which speakers will produce the best sound for your home.

When you shop for a home entertainment speaker, keep in mind you will need a surround sound receiver, cables to connect your components to your receiver, speaker wire, and a sub woofer cable.

Abt carries a variety of home theater speaker systems. For more information on the best speaker package, components, receiver, and accessories for your home, speak with an Abt home theater specialist today.

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