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DENON's History of Excellence

From its beginning in 1910 as a manufacturer of single-side disc records and gramophones, DENON has become a world leader in the manufacture of high quality audio and audio/video equipment and software products for the entertainment and information industries. Our professional-use and consumer-use equipment and software products are recognized internationally for their originality and standards of quality, durability and innovation. - denotes industry milestone

1910 Nippon Columbia Co., Ltd, founded by Frederick Whitney Horne, commenced sales of single-side disc records and gramophone players
1939 Developed Japan's first professional-use disc recorder for the broadcasting industry
1951 Commenced sales of Japan's first LP records
1953 Developed a professional-use tape recorder for the broadcasting industry
1959 Commenced commercial production of open-reel audio tapes
1962 Introduced the Elepian series of electronics pianos
1963 Commenced sales of the DL-103 phono cartridge, one of the longest running products in audio history. Still used by broadcasters and audiophiles, it spawned the development of a series of outstanding MC cartridges
1964 Commenced sales of audio cassette tapes
1971 Commenced sales of hi-fi audio components, including turntables, amplifiers, tuners and loudspeakers
1972 Developed the world's first PCM digital recorder for regular studio use, thus launching the digital audio revolution. Commenced sales of PCM records.
1977 Received America's prestigious Billboard Magazine "Trend-Setter Award" for DENON's outstanding contribution to the industry through its development of PCM digital recording
1978 Commenced sales of DENON DX audio cassette tapes
1980 DENON's PCM recording system received the 13th Montreux International "Diplome d'honneur technique" award in Switzerland. Established DENON America Inc. in the U.S.A. Completed a new state-of-the-art recording facility
1981 The Philips/Sony Compact Disc system was announced. Developed the DN-3000FE professional-use CD player (1983)
1983 Inaugurated sales of the world's first Compact Discs available at retail and led the industry in the introduction of consumer-use CD players. Commenced sales of video cassettes on a large scale
1987 DENON introduces the world's first CD Cart™ Player, the DN-950F, for the broadcast and professional industries. DENON opens its second CD pressing plant in Madison, GA
1988 Commenced sales of audio/video amplifiers
1989 DENON's industry-leading Super Linear Converter (SLC) mechanisms replaced by the Real 20-Bit Super Linear Converter. Greatly expanded line of hi-fi car audio components. Completed CD player plant in Germany. DENON reorganized its operations to reflect ongoing changes in its product line-up. Established DENON France S.A. Began CD-ROM premastering and pressing services.
1990 Three DENON products (CD player, power amplifier and cassette deck) won coveted "Diapason d'Or" Component Grand Prix awards at "Les Journees de la Haute Fidelite '90" hi-fi show in Paris. Commenced sales of high-grade portable CD players and compact system audio components. Celebrated DENON's 80th anniversary. Central Research Laboratory completed in the Kawasaki plant.
1991 Announced standard DVI player, which enables one-hour playback of full motion video into a 12cm diameter CD. Opened a multimedia studio in the head office.
1992 Developed the ALPHA processor for separate type CD player.
1994 DENON introduces MiniDisc Cart Players and MiniDisc Cart Recorders for the broadcast and professional industries.
1995 DENON delivers the world's first family of MiniDisc products for the broadcast, DJ and professional industries. Delivered the world's first Dolby Digital/THX pre-amp/tuner/processor.
1996 DENON ACTIVE MEDIA (DAM) is formed in Atlanta GA. to develop DVD disc pressing business
1997 Introduced and began sales of DVD-2000 Digital Video Disc player, continuing active role in evolution of 5" optical disc.