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The Luxury Kitchen Appliance Contest
September 12 - October 23, 2011

Congratulations to Boys Hope Girls Hope of Illinois in Evanston, IL, on behalf of Vicki M.
Winning Entry: Boys Hope Girls Hope is a nonprofit, residential scholarship program for Chicago area kids who are at-risk and in need. Our girls' home, located in Evanston, serves 12 people on a daily basis, including eight Scholars and four Residential Counselors. The Girls' home opened in 1996; however, the kitchen has not been updated nor remodeled since 1970. The appliances have outlived their life expectancy, have high repair costs and are not energy efficient, causing energy bills to be unnecessarily high. The Girls' kitchen is in desperate need of rehabbing. Unfortunately, the project is not within the scope of our budget.

Thank you everyone who entered the contest. It was a very difficult decision to choose the winner. Here are some of the top contenders (in no particular order).
Gemma from Elk Grove, IL: I spend most of my time helping others - I start PIFFA.org and go all over to help families at no cost whose kids have Autism. My kitchen is so out of date and my son who is also Autistic loves to cook. I would love for him to have a wonderful new place for all his recipes - he is now 16 -- we have been here for over 10 year and have never updated at all. I love helping people all the time but love help to fix up my kitchen for my son.

Mara from La Grange, IL: My sister-in-law deserves a kitchen makeover. She is too busy to create her own entry so I'm submitting on her behalf. She has had an extremely difficult year: her husband was hit by a car and left paralyzed, their insurance is ending, her youngest child has autism and she has two other young children. Her one area of comfort is her kitchen! She loves to cook and is a trained chef. An Electrolux makeover would change her life!

Frank from Danville, IL: I am the Director at WorkSource Enterprise in Danville, IL. Our agency works with persons with disabilities and just celebrated our 40th year of serving persons in Vermilion County Illinois. Our kitchen is and always has been comprised of old appliances some donated some purchased as used. I would love to have our kitchen updated with new appliances for our staff and persons we serve to use.

Maureen from Ballwin, MD: I have been widowed for over 20 years and have raised 6 children alone. I have earned a Masters but have been jobless for a year. My refrigerator is very old; water and ice haven't worked for years. My oven is broken. I share my home with my 87 year Mom, with Alzheimer's and a son whose 31 with bi-polar illness. Between looking for a job and taking care of my family; my life is difficult. New appliances would greatly improve our lives. Please consider us for this very special Electrolux Luxury Kitchen Appliance Contest.

Catherine from Cookeville, TN: I don't, my sister does. She is one of the kindest, sweetest and giving people you would ever meet. She works two jobs just to make ends meet. Her oven quit working 3 years ago, her dishwasher quit about a year ago and she had to sell her freezer. If anyone deserved it, she does. I love her more than words can say and I am not in the position to help her.

Tamara from Tucson, AZ: My home has been open to the homeless, addicts, and lost for 14 years in ministry. Our children shared their home, their food, and sometimes even their beds for people in need. My family of 6 grew to a family of 9 after my sister died. We are always in the kicthen cooking together & making new memories as we grow even bigger with each new grandchild, of which now we have 5. We actually need a bigger house, but the cooking, dishes, and place for food will always be needed in our home.

Donna from Lansing, MI: I live with my oldest son and his family. I take care of the kitchen and other household chores. I am staying here to help my son. His wife has lupas, rhuematoid arthritus and fibromyalgia. There daugther has childhood arthritus, chronic migraines and fibromyalgia. The girls are in bed most of the time in pain. My son has to work on his feed with disabled adults. Even though he has no cartllidge in his right ankle. It is very painful for him. I have a 13 year old daughter who has down's syndrome, and a grandson.

Benjamin from Knoxville, TN: I have had to move back in with my mother to care for her 24/7 due to her health. We are both living on her social security and have no money to do kitchen repairs. Her appliances are very old, especially the oven and refrigerator. We're concerned that one of them would go out and we'd have no way of replacing them. She's a sweet woman who always puts others before herself and I'd love nothing more than to give her a new kitchen and ease one of her many concerns.

Michael from Goodlettsville, TN: i am a disabled vietnam vet, help support my 64 yr old brother, take care of my mother soon to be 94, and my 20 yr old moved back in my house. any questions? oh yes i take 15-17 pills a day nad 4 inhalers

Donna from Vaughn, WA: I nursed my husband through a year of chemotherapy, then lost my 7 year job, lost home to foreclosure, my husband to a divorce, I moved my parents with me to another state (to be nearer to family) my mother is partially blind, father has just undergone 2 years of tragically disfiguring cancer surgery. In the midst of all this my brother fell and suffered traumatic brain injury. My sister-in-law uses daily dialysis to stay alive. I'm working as a live-in caregiver to allow days off to take care of everyone. My kitchen is falling apart. I try not to.

Kevin from Clinton, IL: I had a heart attack about a year and a half ago, then was laid off 3 weeks later. I am still unemployed and wife struggling on temp jobs to pay for bills and my meds (no health plan now). Appliances are almost 15 years old and probably will not last much longer. Trying any sweepstakes that could help us survive a while longer. Thanks for the chance.

Leonard from Brentwood, NY: Our church deserves to win the Electrolux Luxury Appliance Contest. We run an after-school program, a soup kitchen, and we serve breakfast to our Sunday school service. The problem is the fifteen year old refrigerator that leaks. inside and drips on the food. A microwave that microwaves when it wants. And a stove that is a FIRE HAZARD! In order to feed our after-school program children, run the soup kitchen, and Sunday school,volunteers cook at home and transport it to the Church and serve.

Beverly from Chicago, IL: For the past 25 years, I've provided in-kind services to children with special needs and their families. I'm retired now but still provide the free services. Recently 've had injuries which caused me health complications. I'm home more now but my agency has not received funding for a salary for me. My kitchen is unsightly. I need and deserve a kitchen makeover due to my volunteer work and recent loss of income due to injuries and medical bills.

Charles from West Hatfield, MA: Our house was hit by a tree that fell from a tornado. After applying our insurance, we found pipes were ruptured in the upstairs bathroom ruining the kitchen ceiling and cabinets. Something heavy fell onto our stove a shattered the stove top. My wife has died of cancer and I am a widower with my adult with epilypse who cannot drive or work. I have been out of work for several months with a complete hip replacement. Our kitchen is the heart of our house, and it needs linoleum and appliances. Thank you for offering help.

Pamela from Fostoria, OH: i really want this for my brother not me. He is a widower with 4 kids his stove is so old it only half works, his refrigerator has spray paint on it from previous owner and is all dented and probably costs and arm and leg in electricity, his dishwasher is so bad he has to basically rinse dishes completely clean and then run them through the washer, He is an amazing father and is working so hard to raise his kids he deserves something nice.

Grand Prize: UMRP $5196.00. One Electrolux IQ Side by Side Refrigerator (EI26SS30JS), one Electrolux IQ Dishwasher (EIDW5905JS), one Electrolux IQ Free Standing Range (Gas: EI30GF55GS or Electric: EI30EF55GS) and one Electrolux IQ Over-the-Range Microwave (EI30SM55JS). The Grand Prize will be delivered to the winners' home at no charge, if delivery location is within Abt's normal delivery area.

The Luxury Kitchen Appliance Contest Rules

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