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It's simply genius! The SmartDispense reservoir holds an entire 45-oz. bottle of liquid dishwasher detergent, automatically dispensing just the right amount for every load.

Introducing the new GE Profile™ dishwasher with SmartDispense™ technology. Finally, a dishwasher that unloads itself (the detergent, that is).

America's Smartest Dishwasher
  It's simply genius! The SmartDispense™ reservoir holds an entire 45-oz. bottle's worth of liquid dishwasher detergent, automatically dispensing just the right amount for every load.
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GE's Quietest Ever
  Shhh... that's the sound of silence. With the advanced QuietPower™ 7 sound package, this dishwasher is as quiet as a library.
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  Simply Brilliant Performance
  It's easy to see the difference. The BrilliantClean™ towerless wash system with CleanSensor™ senses details about each load, adjusting cycle time and water temperature as necessary to get dishes remarkably clean.
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Ultimate Flexibility
  Angled Rack Dry™ system securely holds mugs and cups at an angle so water won't pool on top. Single Rack Wash™ selection saves time and energy by washing up to five place settings in the top rack only.
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Not all features available on all models.

Yes, it unloads itself. That's right, it unloads the detergent automatically... just the right amount for every load of dishes. The result is cleaner dishers. And more room under your sink.


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SmartDispense™ Technology
Only GE has it!
  • It's the only dishwasher ever to hold the contents of an entire 45 oz. bottle of liquid or gel dishwasher detergent
  • Sensors determine the amount of detergent needed for each load based on how dirty the dishes are
  • The SmartDispense system is the only dishwasher to automatically dispense just the right amount of detergent based on the home's water hardness into the main wash cycle and every pre-wash to get dishes clean.

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    Angled Rack Dry™ System
    Only GE has it!
  • It's easy to adjust the rack tines to hold dishes securely at any angle
  • Water drains right off cups and mugs

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      Single Rack Wash™ Selection
  • This convenient cycle washes up to five place settings in the upper rack in a fraction of the time, using as little as 3-1/2 gallons of water
  • Perfect for smaller loads or for washing glassware

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      GE's Quietest Dishwasher Ever!
  • Did you hear? At just 47dBA, it's as quiet as the neighborhood library
  • The new QuietPower™ 7 sound package includes a concealed ActiveVent, a blanket of sound-deadening bitumen, a stainless steel tub, sound-blocking toe-kick insulation and mechanical enclosures for our quietest operation ever

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      Only Dishwasher With Three Sensors!
    Only GE has it!
  • CleanSensor™ monitors water temperature and soil content and adjusts cycle length, to get more dishes clean every time
  • FillSmart™ sensor senses water level and how much water is needed to prime the pump, helping reduce water usage and control noise
  • Low-detergent sensor signals when it's time to refill the detergent reservoir - before it runs out!

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      GE Profile Stainless Sculptured Handle
  • Stunning sculptured handle was developed to coordinate beautifully with other GE Profile appliances to create kitchens with a designer look
  • Each handle is crafted of luxurious stainless steel for beauty and endurance

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      Only Dishwasher With 3 Pumps
    Only GE has it!
  • Along with QuietMotor™, one pump circulates water throughout the wash system and the second removes soil as water drains away. The third pump dispenses detergent based on water hardness and soil level
    Not all features available on all models.

    Click on an image below to learn more.
    Angled Rack Dry™ system   Single Rack Wash™ selection   Contour door with sculptured handle and hidden controls  
    Giant tub with maximum capacity nylon Pearlescent™ racks and StemSafe™   Plastics cycle   QuietPower™7 sound package with concealed ActiveVent  
    100% fold-down tines and adaptable bowl tines in lower rack   Four-position adjustable/removable upper rack   6-level BrilliantClean™ wash system with CleanSensor™  
    Countdown display with 1-24 hour Delay Start          
    Not all features available on all models.

    Interactive Feature Gallery
    View the SmartDispense™ dishwasher interactive feature gallery by clicking the image below (requires Flash Player).

    Featured Videos
    Angled Rack Dry™
    Solves the problem of puddling water on overturned glasses.
    Click here to watch video.
    Brilliant Clean™ Wash System
    Creates a cleaning typhoon in the dishwasher.
    Click here to watch video.
    Single Rack Wash™ Selection
    Great for small loads - using just the top rack to clean up to 5 place settings.
    Click here to watch video.
    Not all features available on all models.

    This new dishwasher is designed for precise performance, time-saving convenience, simplicity and conservation, without losing style or sophistication.

    Bright Annealed Stainless Steel Interior
    Adds a lustrous finish and lasting beauty that resists stains and corrosion
    GE Profile Upper and Lower Rack Handles
    Slide racks out gently for loading and unloading
    Light-Touch Electronic Controls
    Engage with only a gentle touch and provide a smooth, sleek surface that wipes clean
    SpeedCycle™ Selection
    Washes and dries lightly soiled dishes in 45 minutes, about half the time of a normal cycle
    Audible End-of-Cycle Signal
    Emits an audible signal to indicate the cycle has ended. If preferred, the signal can be easily disengaged
      Quiet Water Valve
    Features a new design to reduce water flow noise

    Maximum-Capacity Three-Piece Silverware Basket and ExtraBasket™
    Provides extra room for washing silverware, measuring spoons and other utensils

      Dual Pumps and Motors
    Improve performance by circulating water through the wash system, then removing food soil as water drains
    Cutlery Tray
    Protects flatware and allows space underneath for more dishes
      Heat-Bonded Bitumen
    Deadens sound with a high-quality, asphalt-type material baked onto the stainless steel tub
    100% Triple Water Filtration
    Filters water three times during each load. When water stays clean, just-washed dishes do, too!
    Fan-Assist Dry
    Uses a quiet fan to help dry dishes quickly and efficiently

    Click here to view GE Profile™ dishwashers with SmartDispense™ technology.
    Click here to download the SmartDispense Brochure

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