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The new GE 2800, 3800 and 5800 series has taken energy efficiency to a whole new level. Utilizing an "L"-shaped coil design, the new series offers significantly improved efficiency. In fact, it is the most efficient package terminal line in the industry.

Exceptional Efficiency
The most energy-efficient product line in the industry reduces operating costs, directly impacting your bottom line. Better efficiency is achieved with "L"-shaped coils which provide 20% more surface area.
Greater Guest Comfort
Designed to keep guests happy by providing comfortable, quiet cooling and heating in every season. A super-seal weather barrier and two permanently lubricated fan motors provide quieter operation.
Proven Reliability
Exceptional quality ensures reliable performance year after year. Two interchangeable upfront filters, easy to remove and re-install, may be cleaned without opening or removing the room side cabinet.
Nationwide Factory Service
Easy serviceability controls labor costs. GE factory service is located in all major metropolitan areas. Non-metro areas are serviced by an extensive customer care network backed by GE's comprehensive technical support.

Not all features available on all models.

The GE 5800 Series Zoneline is the state of the art in package terminal heat pumps. The stylish LED readout of the microcomputer touch controls is combined with superior performance to maximize guest comfort and efficiency.

Electronic Touch Controls
Guests have precision control over temperature settings. Digital/electronic controls are more accurate than rotary controls and the LED temperature display is easy to read.
Sleep Mode Saves energy by gradually warming or cooling during the night while the sleeper is unaware of the change and awakens to a room temperature more comfortable for early morning activities.
"L"-Shaped Coil
The "L"-shaped coil allows more coil to be added to a PTAC without increasing the size of the product, which provides more heat transference surface resulting in higher EER ratings.
Cross Flow Blower
The 5800 series features cross flow blowers that have a unique cylindrical shape which causes the air to move and respond with equal power, but with less noise than traditional fan motors.
Corrosion Protection
Protects critical metal components of the product to reduce the effects of corrosive environmental substances like salt. Extends the life of the product.

Not all features available on all models.

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Electric Touch
Central Desk Control
Remote Thermostat
Corrosion Treatment
Dry Air 25 Freeze Sentinel™
Heat Sentinel Upfront Filters Electronic
Temperature Limiting

Not all features available on all models.

"L"-Shaped Coil
Provides better heat transfer by increasing the coil surface area.

Reverse Cycle Defrost
Enables a heat pump to operate at lower outdoor temperatures for longer periods of time, reducing the need for supplemental heat.

Sleep Mode
Saves energy by gradually warming or cooling one degree every three hours, throughout the night when guests are unaware of the temperature change.

ICR (Internal Condensate Removal)
Eliminates the unsightly and messy dripping of accumulated water during heat pump operation.

Electronic Temperature Limiting
Prevents a room from over-cooling or over-heating, and eliminates the need to reset temperature limits seasonally.

Heat Sentinel
Prevents a room from becoming super-heated, which costs more to cool down.

Freeze Sentinel
Prevents unoccupied rooms from becoming extremely cold, which can result in damage such as frozen pipes.

Permanently Lubricated Fan Motors
Eliminate need of having to lubricate motor, and helps extend the life of the motors.

Super-Seal Weather Barrier
Provides quieter operation and reduces cold drafts. Delivers Sound Transmission Class of 29 or greater.

Central Desk Control
Two-wire central desk controls that allow a Zoneline unit to be turned on or off from a remote location.
Hidden Installation
Allows a hotel guest or resident to live in a more home-like atmosphere since the Zoneline system is installed out-of-sight. There are no furniture or window treatment limitations.

Three-Way, Slide-Out Chassis
Makes maintenance and service easier with added flexibility. The case has knock-outs on three sides that allow installation of the chassis from the front or either side of the case.

Reverse Cycle Defrost
Enables a heat pump to operate at lower outdoor temperatures for longer periods of time and reduces the need for supplemental electric heat.

Corrosion-Protection Treatment Standard
Metal components are protected against corrosive environments specifically coastal regions. The outdoor coil, entire base pan, and other components are coated and protected.

Random Restart
Prevents an overload of a building's power by staggering startup times of the building's Zoneline units.

Freeze Sentinel
Prevents unoccupied rooms from becoming extremely cold. Requires optional kit.

Three-Speed Fan
Selects the most efficient speed for the outdoor fan.

Permanently Lubricated Fan Motors
Reduce noise and extend the life of the fan, eliminating the need for maintenance to annually lubricate motors and bearings.

Not all features available on all models.

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