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Celebrity Wall

While we treat every one of our customers as a star--actors, athletes, musicians and more from across the country have visited Abt Electronics.  We started over 75 years ago with a little shop, and through the years word-of-mouth was the only advertising we needed.

Abt has established themselves as the premier Chicagoland destination for appliances and electronics and we are proud to cater to anyone and everyone who gives us a call or steps foot in our store.

Celebrity Listings

Below is a list of some of famous people who've decided to make Abt their destination for electronics and appliances.


Michael Angelo


Jean Banchet
Cam Barker
Larry Barnett
Mike Barz
Steve Baskerville
Rick Bayless
Chip Beck
Josh Beekman
Eddie Belfour
Cedric Benson
Rod Blagovevich
Michael and Heather Blandic
Kathy Brock
Alex Brown
Ruben Brown
Maury Buford
Cheryl Burton


Kyle Calder
Rep. Ralph Capparelli
Dutchie and Harry Caray
Jose Cardenal
Tyson Chandler
Senator Dawn Clark-Netsch
Lauren Cohn
Jose Contreras
Neal Cotts
Jim Covert
Jamal Crawford
Luis Cuittierz
Eddie Curry


Rashied Davis
Luol Deng
Richard Dent
Mike Ditka
Paul Douglas
Morton Downey, Jr.
Chris Duhon
Dusty Dvoracek


Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds


Ricketts Family
Louis Farrakan
Gary Fencik
Carlton Fisk
Marcus Fizer
Jim Flanigan
Tim and Beverly Floyd


Roberto Garza
Joe Girardi
Andrew Golota
Chuck Goudie
Robbie Gould
Mark Grace
Mark Green
Brian Griese
Rex Grossman
Ozzie Guillen
Jose Guzman  


Brian "Sludge" Haddad
Al Harris
Trenton Hassell
Christie Heffner
Hunter Hillenmeyer
Kurt HinrichLester Holt
Big John Howell


Yousef Jackson
Curley "Boo" Johnson
Michael and Juanita Jordan


Patrick Kane
Tim Kazurinsky
Mike Keenan
Jerry Kelly
Paul Konerko
Michael Kornick
Olin Kreutz
Mr. and Mrs. Tony Kukoc
Bill Kurtis


Luc Longley
Yolanda Lorente
Roy Lornard
James A. Lovell


Linda MacLennan
Greg Maddux
Ron Magers
Patrick Mannelly
Donyell Marshall
Eric McCoo
Ahmad Merritt
Wayne Messmer
Stan Mikita
Jim Miller
Fred Miller
Sen. Carol Moseley-Braun
Bob Murray


Joakim Noah
Andres Nocioni


Charles Oakley
Joe Odom
Chris O'Donnell


Darren Pang
Jannero Pargo
Mike Parker
Shawn Parris
Mandy Patinkin
John Paxson
Walter Payton
Dr. Phil
Scottie Pippen
Pompeo Posar
Mark Prior
Aurelia Pucinski
Kirby Puckett    


Harold Ramis
Bill Rancic
Cynthia Rhodes
Marcus Robinson
Eddie Robinson
Dennis Rodman
Phil Rogers
Allison Rosati
Derrick Rose
Mes. Mike Royko
Bobby Rush


Luis Salszar
Ryne Sandberg
Ron Santo
Todd Sauerbrun
Gale Sayers
Scott Schoeneweis
David Schwimmer
Tom Shaer
Michael Sheehan
Dickey Simpkins
Mike Singletary
Bob Sirott
Tom Skilling
Sam Skinner
Moose Skowron
Joey Slotnick
Lovie Smith
Michael Sneed
Alfonso Soriano
Sammy Sosa
Tammie Souza
Jerry Springer
Matt Suey
Jeff Sluman
Mark Suppelsa
Rick Sutcliffe


John Tait
Ryan Theriot
Gov. James Thompson
Charles Tillman
Judy Barr Topinka


Brian Urlacher


Nathan Vasher
Vince Vaughn


Tom Waddle
Charles Walgreen III
Bob Wallace
Bill Wennington
Dez White
Tim Wiegel
Scottie Williams
James "Big Cat" Williams
Oprah Winfrey
Winnie Winoso
Charlie Wojciechowski


Linda Yu


Carlos Zambrano
Chris Zorich