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Features an elegant theater with surrounding rich wood and Schneider Optic’s anamorphic lens for a truly posh movie experience.

Equipment List: Sony Bravia SXRD 1080p home theater front projector, Stewart 130” CineCurve screen, AMX touch panel, Denon power amplifier, Denon AV surround preamp, Denon Blu-ray player, Sony playstation 3, Panamax uninterruptible power supply, MK sound speakers THX surround 7 speaker system, Middle Atlantic custom rack.
Abraham Theater

Bang & Olufsen

Features a streamline modern interpretation of high-end audio/video B&O products. This room comes to life in utilizing truly unique elements of form and function.

Equipment List: B&O 65” 1080p plasma, B&O audio/video processor, B&O powered speakers (Front, Center, Right), B&O CD player, Sony Blu-ray player, and 160GB Apple TV.
B & O Theater


Features a theater with custom designed sound panels overlooking the lakefront for an ultimate studio-condo experience.

Equipment List: Samsung 58” series 5 plasma HDTV, Yamaha 7.2 channel home theater receiver, Panasonic Blu-ray player, MK sound home theater speaker system, universal complete control series remote with RF control, and DLO HomeDock HD for your iPod.
3D Theater

Great Room

Features a 52” Sony LCD that is mounted above the fireplace and is brought to life by Sonance in-wall speakers, which have been painted in order to maintain the room’s sophistication.

Equipment List: Sony 52” Bravia LCD HDTV, Samsung Blu-ray player, Sony 7.1 rectangle in-wall speakers, Sonance in-wall center speaker, Sonance 6” round in-ceiling pair speakers, Sonance 12” cabinet subwoofer, Panamax home theater power management system, universal color touch screen remote with RF control, iPod dock, Apple TV.
Great Room Theater


Features a media room with a JVC projector, theater seats, a ceiling covered with stars to set the utmost movie night experience.

Equipment List: JVC projector, Stewart 100” motorized screen, Denon receiver, Denon Blu-ray player, Klipsch in-wall front speakers, Klipsch in-wall center speaker, Klipsch in-ceiling speakers, Klipsch subwoofer, Control4 system controller, Control4 remote, Panamax power management system.
Starlight Theater


Features a Panasonic 42” plasma mounted above a fireplace with nicely blended custom Benvenuti & Stein cabinets that include Sonance in-wall speakers for a high quality movie experience.

Equipment List: Panasonic 42” plasma, Sonance in-wall speakers.
Southwest Theater