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CD Burner Buying Guide

A comprehensive guide that will give you all the information you need on how to buy a new CD burner.

Getting Started

At Abt Electronics, we understand that music is a part of your everyday life, whether you’re a die-hard rock fan or a classical music enthusiast.Expanding your music collection can be expensive and a CD recorder can help you reduce that cost. CD recorders not only help reduce the cost of purchasing CD’s but they also allow you to create your own compilation CDs, making you the DJ. When shopping for the perfect CD recorder, you will run into many features that you may not understand.This is why we have created a CD Recorder Glossary to help you better understand these terms.


Single-Disc CD Records
Dubbing CD Records
Single-Disc CD Recorders let you "burn" your own CDs from any source - digital or analog. You can use record-once CD-R or re-writable CD-RW discs that can be re-recorded many times. CD-R discs can be played on most home, portable, and car CD players, though CD-RW discs are compatible with fewer players. Dubbing CD Recorders make it easy for you to copy a CD. Many models offer high-speed dubbing so you can copy a CD at two or even four times normal speed.
DVD recorders are also readily available for copying music as well as video content.

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