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E-Reader Buying Guide

A comprehensive e-reader guide that will give you all the information you need on how to buy the e-reader.
Getting Started
Having an e-reader is a great way to catch up on your favorite stories, without having to carry a book around. While many people like to cling to the nostalgic and tactile feeling of a genuine book, there is no denying the incredible technology and convenience that is out there for everyday e-readers. You can download a new release in seconds and keep an entire library in your back pocket. When it comes to choosing an e-reader, there are a few things to think about to pick what's best for you.
Screen Type
Basic E-Book Readers use a technology called E Ink which displays the text you are reading. E Ink looks a lot like paper, and it is much easier on your eyes if you read for hours at a time. This E ink performs exceptionally well under bright lights. Whether you are indoors with the light on, or if you are outside in the glaring sun, you will not lose any quality in the text you are reading.

The newer e-readers offer E ink models with a backlight feature. One of the original downfalls with E ink is that it can be difficult to read in low-light situations. Manufacturers like Amazon have released their popular Amazon Kindle with a backlight feature called the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite. With these models you can change the intensity of the brightness from barely-there to flashlight-bright. On the lowest settings, you can read in the dark while your significant other sleeps peacefully next to you.

In all cases, E Ink is much easier to read in bright sunlight, while color touch screens on tablets, like the Apple iPad or Amazon Kindle Fire HD and their glossy displays can show distracting reflections, but offer exceptional additional features well beyond simply reading a book.

Touch Screen Capabilities
In the early days of e-readers, all the functions were capacitive buttons to help you navigate the various features. No, almost all e-readers are touch-screen. This provides an excellent advantage to navigation, as all the operations can be accomplished with a few flicks of your finger tips. A QWERTY keyboard can be found on the less expensive models, however, anything with more features will have that option removed, as you can type directly on the touch-screen. Find out what you would prefer, before making your decision when shopping.

The size of an e-reader is all up to the user. You will want to be able to hold it in your hands comfortably. There is a difference in size between a paperback and a hardcover novel, so you will already be used to a variety of reading sizes. Typically, you will find e-readers come in sizes of 6-inches, while other digital readers will come in larger sizes, like 7-10-inches, which are better for surfing the web and enjoying streaming programs. Manufacturers are also improving the quality of these E Ink displays.
Wireless Connectivity
E-readers offer amazing wireless connectivity. Whenever you are done reading a book and you have that urge to read another, you can shop your e-readers ebook library and download a book wirelessly. Depending on the manufacturer you have, they will have their own version. Sony e-readers use the Sony Ebook Store while Amazon uses their Kindle Library.

Shop our selection of e-readers and discover what millions already have with the convenience and amazing world of ebooks and start reading the stories you've always wanted to.