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Dryer Buying Guide

A comprehensive dryer guide that will give you all the information you need on how to buy the right dryer.

Getting Started

A dryer is an essential appliance when taking care of your clothes at home. When shopping, think of the variety of features you will use, before making your decision.


There are two types of washers to choose from, depending on the power source you have at your home:
  • Electric
    Generally, they're slightly more expensive than gas dryers to operate and use twice the strength of an ordinary household electric current. Most run on a 240-volt current to heat up coils and require a 240 outlet in your laundry area.
  • Gas
    The initial cost of gas can be slightly higher than that of an electric dryer, but it's typically less expensive to operate. It usually takes only a year or two to make up the purchase-price difference due to energy savings.


Taking into consideration how often you clean your clothes and the size of your household, will help you decide on a capacity size. If you are in a household by yourself or with another individual, you will not need a dryer with a large capacity. You will be spending more money than you need.

If you are in a larger household, you may benefit from having a larger capacity. Clothes that are not bunched into the dryer will dry quicker and require less energy because there is much more tumble room.


Controls are really a personal choice. Whether you like touch dial, turning knobs, or touch-sensitive controls, that is all up to the user. An easy-to-read control panel is important as is a clear understanding of what each feature does is necessary.

Cycle Features

This is where you can decide what features you like best. Take into account the size of your household, the frequency at which you wash clothes, and the types of clothes you plan on washing. Below are some features you might find beneficial when shopping for a new dryer.
  • Sensor Dry: Inside dryers with sensor dry, is a moisture sensor that knows just how wet your laundry is and will dry the clothes accordingly. This is extremely effective as an energy saver, as your clothes do not use any additional dryer time than necessary.
  • Eco-Cycle: Dryers that have an eco-cycle will use a lot less energy than normal cycles by monitoring the dryness of clothes. This will save you money on energy bills, and will lengthen the lifespan of your clothing.
  • Steam: Steam is one of the newest dryer features that aides in the drying of your clothes. A steam cycle can refresh clothes you've already worn by removing wrinkles and eliminating odors. It uses a minimal amount of water and energy.
  • Delicate: This cycle uses a lower temperature that gently washes your delicate clothes. This will help the clothes last longer and will maintain their color.

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