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iPad Buying Guide

A comprehensive guide that will give you all the information you need on how to buy an iPad.

Getting Started

The Apple iPad is similar in size to having just the screen of a laptop computer. Since it does not have a keyboard, it uses a touch-sensitive screen that can be controlled with your fingertips. Navigate through the screen controls, menus, web page navigation and application operation with just a few taps. 

Photos and movies are lit up with a vivid 9.7 inch LED display. Enjoy your iTunes just as you did on your iPod in a much more vibrant way. Album art and song control are all accessible through the main screen. Choose your favorite song, artist or album within seconds.

You can visit the Apple marketplace to customize your iPad with useful applications such as GPS, language translators, games, or even stocks, news and sports updates. The iPad can be be flipped 90 degrees so the bottom half of the screen is a touch-keyboard and can be used for writing documents or responding to e-mails. 


Different units come with different internal memory. The starting available memory is a 16GB model, followed by a 32GB model and up to a 64GB model. The advanced mobile processors and internal memory let users do virtually everything they would do on their desktop or laptop in a much more portable way. The internet can be access via built in Wi-Fi or connectivity to 3G based on which model you purchase.

Additional accessories allow you to add on an external keyboard for typing, connectivity to your home television and more.

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