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Mobile Amplifier Buying Guide

A comprehensive guide that will give you all the information you need on how to buy mobile amplifiers.

Getting Started

Amplifiers for cars can provide clean and clear sound for all sorts of volume levels. There are three types of amplifiers: mono car amplifiers, two-channel car amplifiers and multi-channel car amplifiers.


mono car amplifier is designed for low-frequency reproduction and features built-in bass boost and low-pass filters. The best choice would be a class D mono amplifier, because they produce less heat, draw less current, and are more efficient unlike conventional amplifier designs.

two-channel car amplifier is used for full-range and or component speaker systems. When using these types of amplifiers, they must have high-pass filters.

Five and six - channel amplifiers can be used for vehicle speakers located in the front, rear, and or the subwoofer of the whole system.

Multi-channel amplifiers can be used for full-range speakers and or subwoofers. When purchasing an amplifier, you should consider the level of power you want the unit to have.

There are two types of power ratings: Root mean square power (RMS) and peak power.

  • RMS power measures the amount of continuous power a car amplifier uses to deliver the power to your speakers. Make sure that the power of your amplifier matches the power of your speakers and subwoofer. If the RMS power of your amplifier is too powerful it can damage your speakers.

  • Peak power is always higher then RMS power. Peak power indicates how many watts a car amplifier has available for short and sudden increases in sound.


You may also want to consider other options when choosing an amplifier that is right for you. External power amplifiers have no size restriction unlike built-in dash stereos. This indicates that you can decide how loud and or how clean your stereo will play.

Amplifiers do not come with all the wires and connections that are required for installation. With this in mind, be aware that you can purchase car-wiring kits that come with all the fuses and wires necessary for installation. Rating of the fuse should fit the power level of your amplifier.

Your vehicle should have RCA jacks to lower the stereo signal and produce a signal your amplifier can use. If your vehicle does not have a RCA jack, make sure to use an external line-output converter.

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