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Portable CD Player Buying Guide

A comprehensive guide that will give you all the information you need on how to buy a portable CD player.

Getting Started

For those of you who haven't made the jump to iPods or MP3 players we still got your back. If you like listening to your collection of CDs and don't feel the need to move on to newer technology, then we're here to help you pick out a personal CD player. New portable CD players are slimmer, more versatile, and offer greater durability than ever before, making for a quality alternative digital music player. Read on to learn more about the different features available before you make your purchase.


If you spent years building your collection of CDs and you want to listen to your collection on the go, personal CD players are compact and fit almost anywhere. Inexpensive models offer less durability and low quality audio. This means that you will generally experience a greater amount of skipping and a less enjoyable listening experience. Even higher-end models today are relatively affordable. So choose a portable CD player that's going to give you the most for your money.


Anti-skip Technology - Personal CD players that include anti-skip technology will help prevent music from skipping while you listen. Anti-skip technology will keep your player running smoothly on a bumpy car ride, during a jog, or on a turbulent airplane trip.

Memory - Memory uses advanced technology to memorize the music about to be played. This way, if the laser has trouble reading the disk it will be able to get back on track without you even noticing. Accidental bumps or jolts won't affect your listening experience. This feature is a must have if you plan on performing physical activities while listening to your CD player. Choose a player with longer memory to get the best performance.

Anti-shock Technology - Similar to memory and anti-skip, anti-shock technology also helps prevent skipping. Anti-shock technology works by increasing signal strength and the player's ability to read CDs during vigorous activities.

Multi Format CD Players - If you love your collection of CDs but also want to enjoy downloaded MP3s, choose a personal CD player that can handle formats such as MP3 or WMA. This will allow you to burn MP3 or WMA files to a CD-R/RW and listen to them on your CD player.

Extra Features - There are plenty of other features to look out for. For example, Mega Bass technology uses digital processing to produce rich, deep, bass tones with extremely low harmonic distortion. This will give you the home theater experience through your headphones. Also, AM/FM tuners are offered on some models. Listening to your favorite radio stations gives you another option for enjoying your music. Like many other consumer electronics today, personal CD players offer an assortment of features. Read each model's description to find what works best for you.


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