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Radar Detector Buying Guide

A comprehensive guide that will give you all the information you need on how to buy a radar detector.

Getting Started

Buying any electronic device can be a confusing task. If you are purchasing a radar detector, even if you’ve had one in the past, it can still be daunting because models change every year and you might not know the newest features on the latest models.

Radar detectors are a simple and reliable way to alert a user to the location of sophisticated radar guns. One confusing aspect of radar detectors is determining the features you want. A consideration of buying a radar detector is getting one that differentiates between different radar signals. Most door sensors, like what you’d find at a grocery or convenience store for example, send out a signal very similar to a radar gun, often times making an inferior detector think you are encountering a threat from a radar gun. A good radar detector can tell the difference between a radar gun used to hand out tickets and a radar signal that shouldn’t concern you.

Many times manufacturers give you a ton of information and it really is more than you need as long as you understand a few things.

One of our mobile electronics sales specialists sat down and attempted to make sense of all the information given to consumers about radar detectors.


There are a lot of different products on the market. Escort makes it easy to decide which is best for you.
They offer 3 different models: 9500IX8500, and the SOLO

The high tech solution is the 9500IX. Not only does it have Escort’s advanced radar detection, but it also warns you as you approach critical points of interest, like red light cameras, speed cameras, or speed traps.  In addition, you can customize your radar detector to point out locations where there are cameras or speed traps. The device also cuts down on false alarms. Any radar detector that comes within 40 ft of a radar signal is going to have a hard time deciding if the threat is real or a false alarm.  A traditional detector, even other Escort models, can fail because the signal is too intense when it’s too close to a radar signal. If you frequently pass the same signal over and over, like a grocery store signal, the 9500IX can actually remember the signal and stop alerting you to it after the third time that it recognizes the signal.

The lower tech solution is the 8500. It does not mark locations of any sort but is the benchmark for radar detection technology. The 8500 detects all bands of radar from all guns produced for North America. The 8500 is sensitive enough that it will pick up on a distant threat while being selective enough to ignore radar that is coming from a door sensor at typical distances. The only choice you would have to make with this model is whether you would like a red or blue display.

Finally, the Solo is a battery-powered version of the 8500. It has all the performance with no cord.

For more information on radar detectors, contact an Abt mobile electronics sales specialist today.


An important technical term to know when purchasing a radar detector is radar band.  It is the technical term for what type of gun is being used to detect your speed. Not all radar guns are the same so a radar detector needs to be able to detect multiple bands. Make sure the radar detector you purchase detects POP mode, X-band, K-band, and SuperWide Ka-band, along with laser or lidar.

No two radar detectors are the same. Marketing, however, dictates more is better. So brand X gives you protection against 32 bands to sway you into buying their radar detector and not the competitors. The only important thing to keep in mind is that you need a warning, in advance, to slow down before you get a ticket.

So how do you choose between different manufacturers and models? The simple answer is buying an Escort radar detector. They protect you against all guns made for use in North America.

Here are some of the reasons Escort radar detectors are Abt’s exclusive radar detector. They pride themselves on building a detector that is both sensitive and selective. It looks at every single pulse of radar out there, whether it’s from a radar gun or a false alarm. They selectively alert you to important radar signals versus signals from places like your grocery store.

Abt exclusively sells Escort because they are reliable and high performance. Escort radar detectors perform a “self test” when they turn on. Why is that important? Most electronics are more like computers today than ever before. If your computer breaks and doesn’t work anymore, it is obvious to you. for example, the monitor or the keyboard stops responding.  Often times the lights come on but the product doesn’t work properly.  When the lights power up on most radar detectors you can only assumeit is working. The escort product however tests itself each time it is turned on and will inform you it is malfunctioning.

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