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Water Kettle Buying Guide

A comprehensive guide that will give you all the information you need on how to buy a water kettle.

Getting Started

Small appliances can perform large tasks. Take the tears out of chopping onions with a food processor or mini-chopper, mix dough with your food processor, make fresh smoothies in the blender, deep fry your favorite fish - the list is endless. For advice on selecting the perfect small appliance check out our quick reference guide to small appliances. If you need further assistance contact our Gourmet Shop Sales Associates at 888-228-5800.


Water kettles are probably the most used small appliances in the kitchen. They all do the same job, but what makes them different is how long they last, what they look like and how quickly they heat the water. There is a large variety of shapes, colors and styles. There are few things to consider when choosing a water kettle that’s right for you.


Cord or Cordless: A Kettle with attached cord that pushes directly into the jug or a kettle that sits on a “plate” that has the same cord attached to it work in the same way. If you like to be able to lift the kettle from it’s base and pure water into your cup then you might want to go for cordless water kettle. Some of the cordless water kettles have a swivel base, which can be easily used by left or right-handed people.

Power: The more powerful water kettle is, the quicker will do the job. All kettles have mostly 2500 watts, but there are some that have 3000 watts. Those tend to boil water too quickly though. Also, the powerful water kettle is the nosier it gets, so that might be something to consider.

Capacity: Standard water kettles tend to hold 6 to 7 cups of water. There are travel water kettles that are 4 cups, but they tend to be less powerful and slower to come to boil.

Filter: Most water kettles have filter in place that prevents particles going into your cup. If you are concern what chemicals are in your water, Abt suggests this types of water kettle. However, filters need to be changed once in a while, so you should also be aware that there is an ongoing cost to consider as well as the higher price of the unit from other water kettles.

Water gauge: This allows you to see how much water is in a water kettle without opening the lid, which tends to be very practical.

Considerations for all small appliances:

  • Determine your cooking needs and wants - both current and future. Is your family growing or growing up and moving out? Are you interested in increasing your culinary endeavors? Are you wishing to simplify and reduce time in the kitchen?

  • Evaluate your kitchen counter space. Where are you going to put all those new small appliances?

  • Check the height of the appliance compared to the height of your cabinets.
    Appliances that mount under the cabinet are available.

  • Decide on the color of your new small appliance. 

  • Determine the appliance capacity. The number of speeds and settings on an appliance usually increases with the size of the machine. Those who have large families or like to entertain may choose to buy larger appliances.

  • Decide whether you want corded or cordless appliances. 

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