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Focal B.A.M. XXXL Car Audio Acoustic Insulation Kit - BAMXXXL

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Product Description
  • Increases The Bass Level In Your Car
  • Replaces Plain Chant
  • Attenuates The Speaker Back Wave
  • Increases The Soundproofing Of Outside Noise

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Focal B.A.M. XXXL Car Audio Acoustic Insulation Kit - BAMXXXL

3 Technical Materials, 3 Strategic Functions

This acoustic insulation kit is completing and essential to a quality car audio installation. From its use depends optimum acoustic rendering of speakers, amplifiers and installed accessories. Technical materials made of honeycombed damping material, an Aluminum sheet and a viscoelastic complex (Butyl).

Key Features:

  • Soundproof your car
  • Attenuates the speaker back wave
  • Replaces Plain chant
  • Observe carefully the laying conditions (min. temperature +15° on a clean surface)
  • Money-saving extra size
  • Increases the bass level in your car
  • Increases the soundproofing of outside noise
  • Content: one 0.5 x 6m sheet (3m2)
  • Capacity: about 4 doors


  • Honeycombed Damping Material
    Just like the acoustic foam inside a loudspeaker, the honeycombed damping material attenuates the speaker back wave and then increases the speaker performance.
  • Aluminum Sheet
    Essential component to the sandwich effect realization. This process permits to increase the performance of the viscoelastic complex.
  • Viscoelastic Complex
    Self-adhesive, the butyl complex absorbs the vibrations of the surface with which it’s in contact. It highly attenuates the outside noise that gets inside the car. Less noise means more music.

Approximate Weight:

  • Shipping:  5 lbs

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