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Custom Mobile Audio

From basic car stereo installation to complex custom interior fabrication, Abt's mobile installation team can create the car audio system of your dreams. Our team of car audio installation specialists has been ranked among the best in the country by industry publication "Mobile Electronics Magazine." Our reputation is one of the reasons we've been trusted to work on everything from exotic vehicles like the Lamborghini Gallardo to custom Sunsation Speedboats, and just about everything else in between. Take a look at the galleries below for a closer look at some of the custom car and marine audio work we've completed.


Audi R8
Stealthy and Functional Radar Install


Our custom mobile audio team installed a stealthy, yet very functional laser detector on this Audi R8. Unlike a traditional radar detector, this system adds an extra layer of protection. It has a receiver and a diffuser, so when an officer takes a laser signal on your speed, this radar prevents the officer from getting a signal back. What is nice is that the radar on this Audi is both stealthy and functional. It's quite difficult to see the front and rear diffusers--two behind the grille and one above the license plate. Also, the display and the controller are customizable. You can put them wherever they want. In this case, the customer wanted us to build a custom flush display in a panel right below the radio with a cool look. This looks really nice, like it was part of the original car. This system can just as easily be mounted above the mirror, or anywhere on the dashboard.

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C6 Corvette
From Flashy to Stealthy Stereo with Minimal Loss of Useable Space


Keeping a near-stock look, you wouldn't know that this Corvette is packing a big audio punch. This is a perfect solution, because you can still have the classic look of the car when you remove the cover of the amps, yet you can put it back on and return it back to its original look.

If you want better sound, and you don't want to change the dashboard, we do factory integrations all the time. We take your priorities—what music you listen to, why you are buying a stereo, how much you want to spend, and then we transpose that into a solution that fits your needs. If you don't care about messing with the dashboard, the aftermarket radios can be advantageous especially with backup cameras, iPods, satellite radios, and just about anything else. Included with this Corvette are a new double-din receiver, hidden amps, speaker upgrades all around, and a 10" sub in the back which modernizes the car without losing that factory look.

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Ferrari 360 Spider
All Attitude


This customization is all about attitude. Under the 'hood' there is a MDF and vinyl insert that can be used to cover up all the components and not have to worry about scratching up the components or the Plexiglas, a perfect solution for that Sunday morning grocery run in your Ferrari. 13" flat JL Audio subwoofers were installed behind the seats, taking advantage of the minimal available space, while still allowing full movement of the seat. Also, technicians at Abt created the emblem found between the seats. Upgraded speakers were also installed in the door panel and the dashboard, with a radio that matches that overall look and feel of the Ferrari. This car was very loud--easily matching the loud sound of the revved up exhaust.

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Porsche 911 Turbo
Drop-in Solution, High Performance


A nice simple install aimed at keeping the classic look and feel of the Porsche 911. Abt installed new Focal speakers all the way around, utilizing the factory speaker locations. Keeping in mind the importance of the stock look of the interior, Abt installed a Kenwood receiver which blends in perfectly to the rest of the dashboard.

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Lincoln LS
Advanced Driver Assistance System


The 2003 Lincoln LS was equipped with a Mobileye Advanced Driver Assistance System. This model of LS didn’t have modern digital componentsso an analog install required the Mobileye system to be hardwired to the Lincoln’s high-beams. The idea was to help the owner’s “new driver” son develop better driving habits by alerting him to make minor adjustments in his distance from other vehicles, and turn signal usage.

“For more information about Mobileye, read Your MobilEye Sees Things When You Can’t.”

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Audi Q5
Collison Prevention System


Abt installed a Mobileye Collision Prevention System wtith an Eye Watch Display in this 2011 Audio Q5. The digital installation included a Bluetooth connection that displayed the MobilEye alerts, and additional information regarding the vehicle’s speed compared to the posted limits, on the driver’s mobile phone. The owner of the vehicle installed the system to prevent the driver from texting while driving and add an extra level of protection if they do.

“For more information about Mobileye, read Your MobilEye Sees Things When You Can’t.”

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Cadillac Escalade
Audio Upgrade with Factory Radio In Dash. No Loss of Useful Space


The subwoofer box in this Escalade has become a really popular option for many cars. When this one was made, it was a custom box. Now, JL Audio has one that is already fabricated where you drop it right in and wire it up. This install was done before there was ever one available. What's nice about the new JL Stealthboxes is that you just remove the tray and drop the Stealthbox right in. You don't have to modify anything permanently. They put them in armrests, in the seatpads, or somewhere else in the corner of your car. However, we can fabricate custom sub boxes for the instance where JL Audio may not provide one yet. 

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Ford Superduty Pickup
Mobile Office


The owner of this Ford wanted a mobile office. He wanted functionality of a computer in his car, so we put an in-dash screen and, a better stereo (because the owner said he spends more time in his car then he does in front of his home theater). When installing the subwoofers fit directly under the seats and the amps were placed behind the seatback. There is a touch screen flushed into the cavity in between the center console and the dashboard which is the main controller, along with a Mac Mini hooked up to it. Also attached to the Mac Mini is a wireless card and a wireless Bluetooth keyboard and mouse. With the addition of a wireless printer (not shown here), this is the complete mobile office. The nice thing about this setup is that much of the work is stealth, where the only thing that really changed was the in-dash screen and the computer.

One picture shows a before and after of a storage compartment converted into a speaker compartment.

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Formula Boat
Incredible Sound on the Water


One boat in particular we worked on was for a customer that wanted a new audio system and custom lighting. We cut new speaker locations in the fiberglass to add to the sound quality, and then blended in the new speakers with a white acrylic to keep that factory look and feel. When it comes to boats, in many cases, we can move panels on the boat and replace it with a speaker, which we were able to accomplish in this build.

What's nice about boats is that you can setup multiple zones of music, which are all independently controlled. You can play music at full volume on the front of a boat, while the back of the boat remains quiet (if you choose). Everything is all compartmentalized. Abt can hide away all non-essential controllers, amps, and other components. They are tucked away, while the primary controls can be put in other locations so you can have control from any place on the boat.

On average, Abt does around 20-30 boat audio jobs a year. Abt will also travel to a location to do the audio work on a boat.

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