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Panasonic Black Lumix GF3X 12.1 Megapixel Compact System Camera - DMC-GF3XK

Abt Model: DMCGF3XK | UPC Code: 885170061705
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This product is no longer available.

Product Details

Panasonic Black Lumix GF3X 12.1 Megapixel Compact System Camera With Premium X Series 14-42mm Power Zoom Lens Kit - DMCGF3XK

The Panasonic LUMIX DMC-GF3 incorporates all the advanced technology and power of a DSLR interchangeable lens camera with the style and portability of a compact point-and-shoot. Being about the size of a smartphone, the lightweight GF3 benefits from a significant reduction in its dimensions. This is thanks to its newly enhanced mirror-free technology, and the substantial DSLR sensors that are now more compatible with the camera's compact Micro Four Thirds System lenses. This means that you have more creative control over your photos and videos, without the hassle of carrying around a bulky camera and lens kit.

Key Features:

  • DSLR-Like Image Quality, Features, and Lens Options
  • Ultra Compact System Camera Body with Built-in Flash (7.83oz)
  • Intuitively Easy - 3.0" Touch Enabled LCD Control with Mode Thumb Wheel
  • New Lumix LightSpeed Focusing and PinPoint Focusing Control
  • Full HD Video 1080/60i - AVCHD


  • Breakthrough Mirrorless Structure:
    The DMC-GF3 uses the Micro Four Thirds System standard, a system of interchangeable lenses developed to enhance the characteristics of digital photo technology. The GF3 design, with its mirrorless structure, eliminates the need for a mirror box and optical viewfinder. This helps preserve image quality despite the camera's slight profile, delivering improved performance in a convenient digital interchangeable lens system device.

  • LUMIX G / LEICA DG Lenses:
    One of the major benefits of an interchangeable lens system camera like the GF3 is its ability to capture a wider range of expression with a relatively simple lens change. The GF3 is compatible with the full range of Micro Four Thirds System standard lenses, including the LUMIX G / Leica DG line-up. LUMIX G / Leica DG lenses feature many of Panasonic's most innovative features, including telephoto and 3D capabilities. The compact, lightweight LUMIX / Leica lenses also support the unique contrast AF system of the LUMIX G series cameras and comply with the Micro Four Thirds System, designed to optimize the performance of the camera. Available lenses include several models in a range of categories such as standard zoom, wide zoom, telephoto, single focal length and 3D.

  • 12.1-megapixel Live MOS Sensor:
    The GF3 is equipped with a 4/3-type 12.1-megapixel Live MOS sensor, which delivers the superior image quality of a traditional CCD sensor with the energy efficiency of a CMOS sensor. The MOS sensor has a high S/N and an advanced circuit structure that's largely unaffected by the noise generated on the circuits. This allows the GF3 to provide stunning image quality that rivals, or in some cases surpasses, that of DSLR cameras.

  • 3.0-inch 460,000-dot High Resolution LCD:
    The DMC-GF3 has a generous 3.0-inch LCD display screen with a 100% field of view and an impressive 460,000-dot high-resolution output. The wide-angle viewing makes it possible to frame photos in a variety of creative ways for both dynamic shooting and image playback and editing. The screen has been equipped with LUMIX's acclaimed Intelligent LCD technology, which automatically adjusts screen brightness in 11 steps according to ambient conditions. The large viewing area of the screen also makes sharing images with friends and family much easier.

  • Venus Engine:
    The powerful Venus Engine enhances the GF3's performance thanks to the newly developed noise reduction technology that provides even better image quality. The noise reduction system improves S/N by approximately 3dB at ISO3200 and ISO6400 respectively; color reproduction in high sensitivity modes is improved as well.

    The Venus Engine applies advanced chromatic noise reduction at the edges, preventing the color mixture that may occur in these areas. Chromatic noise in the gradation part and the edge part are described clearly and effectively. Selective noise reduction is also applied to outlines to give a more balanced curve, without compromising image resolution in detailed or fine texture areas. Spot-type noise, which frequently occurs in dark areas of an image shot in low light or in the color bleed on high luminance areas, is also effectively suppressed by the Venus Engine's noise reduction technology. In live action video recording, the Venus Engine enables a more accurate level of motion detection thanks to a newly integrated motion detection circuit. This circuit delivers noise suppression to moving parts more efficiently for better video.

    Whether shooting still photos or live video, the Venus Engine helps produce images with stunning clarity, even in low light.

  • Light Speed AF:
    The GF3 has the world's fastest auto focus technology, Light Speed AF. This reduces focus detection time by doubling the drive speed, from 60 frames per second to an impressive 120 frames per second. Speed and focusing accuracy of the advanced contrast AF system on the DMC-GF3 far surpasses even the most high-end digital SLR cameras with phase-difference auto focus. Light Speed AF, when combined with the GF3's touch-control AF, makes setting and focusing on a subject quick and easy, so spur-of-the-moment shots are always optimized.

  • 3D Shooting Capability:
    The GF3 is the first digital interchangeable lens camera to offer 3D photo capability, delivering high quality images with impressive clarity and dynamic detail. The optional LUMIX G 12.5mm / F12 3D lens is compact yet powerful, allowing for easier handling and instant 3D shooting with optimized settings. 3D shots are reproduced without distortion or time lag between the left and right sides, even when recording subjects in motion, and because the GF3 is compatible with any Panasonic VIERA 3D-ready TV, playback of 3D images (even of close-up shots) is easy on the eyes. With this innovative 3D technology, Panasonic gives users a degree of expression in image capture that's unprecedented among digital interchangeable lens cameras.

  • Easy Manual Control:
    For experienced photographers who like the greater creative control of self-determined settings, the GF3 offers easy manual controls for exposure, shutter speed and aperture. The meter guides provide a highly readable visual reference that shows correlations between aperture and shutter speed, and color-coded warnings that clearly alert users when settings are out of proper range. These user-friendly manual controls dramatically reduce the learning curve for users that are new to system camera technology. They also simplify the process for more experienced users.

  • New Body Design and Color Options:
    The GF3 offers plenty of stylish options for those of us who like a great-looking body style to go along with all those advanced photo technology features. The small, compact round-form and ergonomic design of the GF3 makes for a lighter, more portable unit and eliminates the bulk of digital SLRs.

  • Customizable Experience:
    One of the best things about interchangeable lens system cameras is that they offer greater control and a more customized experience. With all of the available accessories and add-ons for the GF3, you can create a system that works for your particular style and shooting preferences. The DMW-MA1 mount adaptor allows the use of any number of Four Thirds System standard lenses, so that you are always ready to capture any moment in any situation. Other accessories include straps, cases, lens filters and protectors, extra battery packs, tripod adaptors, zoom levers, a mini HDMI cable and SD/SDHC/SDXC memory card. Choose the extra gear you want right from the start, or you can add enhancement pieces for a better shooting experience as you become more comfortable with the Four Thirds System format.

  • Intelligent Auto Plus:
    If you think using a digital SLR camera is too complicated for everyday photos and video, think again. The GF3 incorporates Panasonic's exclusive Intelligent Auto (iA) Plus technology; recording amazing photos and movies is as easy as using a compact point-and-shoot camera. In iA Plus Mode, shooting is fully and automatically optimized in any situation; you get incredible image quality with virtually zero effort.

  • POWER O.I.S. / MEGA O.I.S.:
    Sometimes the motion of pressing the shutter button on your camera causes slight vibrations that can compromise picture quality. Images can come out blurry or streaked, ruining the shot. You'll never have to worry about blurry images again thanks to the GF3's POWER O.I.S. function. This image stabilizing technology detects camera vibrations and compensates for movement caused by hand-shake; this ensures that your pictures are always clear and sharp, giving you the confidence to capture images whenever the opportunity arises.

  • Face Recognition:
    If you have a new baby, kids or close friends who feel like family, the GF3 lets you capture beautiful, natural portraits of your loved ones in any environment. Face Recognition stores faces in the camera's memory for optimized shooting. The technology recognizes registered faces and delivers the best exposure and focus settings for the situation. Registering faces also lets you sort and organize photos according to the person or people in them.

  • Face Detection:
    Face Detection technology makes it easier than ever to record human subjects with stunning results. The GF3's Face Detection function can identify more than a dozen faces at once, automatically adjusting focus and exposure for amazing image quality in any setting. Digital red-eye correction is also applied automatically so expressions are always natural, even before the photo is stored on the camera's memory card or hard drive. You will be able to capture fun group shots and optimize your portraits no matter what else is in the frame, with no more effort than it takes to press the shutter.

  • Subject Detection with AF Tracking:
    AF Tracking makes it possible to capture all those once-in-a-lifetime shots of subjects in motion (think active kids or frolicking pets) with perfect clarity. Just focus on your subject and wait for the right opportunity. AF Tracking automatically locks onto the subject and keeps it in constant focus and correct exposure until you click the shutter.

  • Motion Detection with Intelligent ISO Control:
    Along with AF Tracking, Intelligent ISO Control makes the GF3 one of the best action photo cameras around. Intelligent ISO detects subject motion and automatically adjusts shutter speed and ISO levels to prevent blurring and ghosting. You will take incredibly optimized action shots with ease.

  • Scene Detection with Intelligent Scene Selector:
    Few things are more frustrating for casual photographers than trying to figure out the best scene setting for a particular situation. The GF3's Intelligent Scene Selector lets you forget the hassle by automatically detecting ambient conditions and adjusting the camera settings accordingly. There are six different automated settings, including; Scenery, Portrait, Sunset, Night Scenery, Night Portrait and Macro, so you get the best possible image quality no matter what.

  • Intelligent Resolution Technology:
    Intelligent Resolution delivers uniform sharpness and precise pixel-by-pixel signal processing for the most effective image optimization in any shooting situation. Outlines, textures and soft gradations are automatically detected and adjusted for naturally crisp, clear photos and videos. There's also an Extended Resolution option for large-format photos so you get even more freedom to create unique images that capture all your favorite memories.

  • Creative Control:
    All LUMIX G Series Micro System cameras are equipped with the popular My Color Mode, which lets you choose from five different color treatments to create interesting effects on any photograph. Options include; Expressive, Sepia, High Dynamic, Retro, High Key and the Miniature Effect. You'll be able to give your photos impressive, artistic finishes instantly without compromising the original image.

  • 1920 x 1080 Full HD Video:
    The GF3 goes beyond mere still photography with a capable 1920 x 1080 HD video recording function. Leave your camcorder at home knowing you'll be able to record movies beautifully in high quality AVCHD format, which offers almost twice the recording time of standard Motion JPEG HD video capture. The most innovative feature of the GF3's video recording abilities is the dedicated button that lets you record video while shooting still photos. If you love putting memories on film, imagine the possibilities when you can take pictures and shoot video simultaneously. You'll never again miss a moment of that school play, sporting event, graduation, wedding, night on the town or special celebration.

    The video recording function is also equipped with a Dolby Digital Creator microphone that records true-to-life audio and has an innovative Wind Cut feature that reduces background noise. The result is an enhanced sound quality on your HD movies.

  • Extended Battery Life:
    The camera can take up to 340 shots on a single battery charge, so you'll be free to shoot for hours without having to worry about recharging the lithium-ion battery. This extended battery life makes the GF3 ideal for use on vacations, day trips and everyday shooting at a moment's notice.

  • Summary
    The Panasonic LUMIX DMC-GF3 is a great camera for advanced users, offering the benefits of a digital SLR interchangeable system camera with the ease of use of a compact point-and-shoot. For everyday shooting or those occasions when photo quality truly matters, the GF3 delivers beautifully.


  • Type: Digital interchangeable lens system camera
  • Recording media: SD memory card, SDHC memory card, SDXC memory card
  • Image sensor size: 17.3 x 13.0 mm (in 4:3 aspect ratio)
  • Lens mount: Micro Four Thirds mount
  • Type: Live MOS Sensor
  • Total pixels: 13.06 Megapixels
  • Camera effective pixels: 12.10 Megapixels
  • Color filter: Primary color filter
  • Dust reduction system: Supersonic wave filter


  • Recording file format:
    • Still Image: JPEG(DCF, Exif 2.3), RAW, MPO (When attaching 3D lens in Micro Four Thirds standard)
    • Motion Image: AVCHD / QuickTime Motion JPEG
  • Aspect ratio: 4:3, 3:2, 16:9, 1:1
  • Image quality: RAW, RAW+Fine, RAW+Standard, Fine, Standard,MPO+Fine, MPO+Standard (with 3D lens in Micro Four Thirds System standard)
  • Color space: sRGB, Adobe RGB
  • File size(Pixels):
    • Still Image
      • [4:3] 4000x3000(L) / 2816x2112(M) / 2048x1536(S) / 1600x1200(When attaching 3D lens in Micro Four Third System standard)
      • [3:2] 4000x2672(L) / 2816x1880(M) / 2048x1360(S) / 1600x1064(When attaching 3D lens in Micro Four Third System standard)
      • [16:9] 4000x2248(L) / 2816x1584(M) / 1920x1080(S) / 1600x904(When attaching 3D lens in Micro Four Third System standard)
      • [1:1] 2992 x 2992 (L) / 2112 x 2112 (M) / 1504 x 1504 (S) / 1440x1440(When attaching 3D lens in Micro Four Third System standard)
    • Motion Image
      • Motion JPEG 1 [HD] 1280 x 720, 30fps
      • AVCHD NTSC [HD] 1280 x 720, 60p (sensor output is 30p) (SH:17Mbps)
  • Continuous recordable time (Motion images): AVCHD with picture quality set to [FSH]: Approx. 130 min with H-FS014042 / Approx. 150 min with H-H014 / Approx. 140 min with H-PS14042
  • Actual recordable time (Motion images): AVCHD with picture quality set to [FSH]: Approx. 65 min with H-FS014042 / Approx. 75 min with H-H014 / Approx. 70 min with H-PS14042


  • Focus Type: Contrast AF system
  • Focus mode: AFS/ AFC/ MF
  • AF mode: Face detection / AF Tracking / 23-area-focusing / 1-area-focusing/Pinpoint
  • AF detective range: EV 0 - 18 (ISO100 equivalent)
  • AF assist lamp: YES
  • AF lock: Set the Fn button in custom menu to AF lock
  • Others: Quick AF, Continuous AF (during motion image recording), AF+MF, Touch shutter, Touch MF Assist


  • Light metering system: 144-zone multi-pattern sensing system
  • Light metering mode: Intelligent Multiple / Center Weighted / Spot
  • Metering range: EV 0 - 18 (F2.0 lens, ISO100 equivalent)
  • Exposure mode: Program AE, Aperture Priority AE, Shutter Priority AE, Manual,
  • ISO sensitivity(Standard Output Sensitivity): Auto / Intelligent ISO / 160 / 200 / 400 / 800 / 1600 / 3200 / 6400
  • Exposure compensation: 1/3EV Step ±3EV
  • AE lock: Set the Fn button in custom menu to AE lock
  • AE bracket: 3,5 frame, in 1/3 or 2/3 EV Step, ±4/3 EV


  • White balance: Auto / Daylight / Cloudy / Shade / Halogen / Flash / White Set 1, 2 / Color temperature setting / Portrait / Beauty skin / Sport / Flower / Collection / Baby / Pet / defocus control
  • White balance adjustment: Blue/amber bias, Magenta/green bias
  • Color temperature setting: 2500-10000K in 100K
  • White balance bracket: 3 exposures in blue/ amber axis or in magenta/ green axis


  • Shutter Type: Focal-plane shutter
  • Shutter speed:
    • Still Images: 1/4000 ˜ 60
    • Motion image: 1/16000 ˜ 1/30 (NTSC)
  • Self timer: 10sec, 3 images/ 2sec / 10sec


  • Still Image SCN mode: Portrait / Soft Skin / Scenery / Architecture / Sports / Peripheral Defocus / Flower / Food / Objects / /Night Portrait / Night Scenery / Illiminatioms / Baby 1, 2 / Pet / Party / Sunset
  • Movie SCN mode: Portrait / Soft Skin / Scenery / Architecture / Sports / Flower / Food / Objects / Low-light / Party / Sunset (Activated by selecting Still Image SCN mode then pressing Movie Button. Still Image SCN modes without corresponding Movie SCN mode is recorded in mode suitable for the recording situation.)


  • Burst speed: H: 3.8 frames/sec, M: 2.8 frames/sec (with Live View), L: 2 frames/sec (with Live View)
  • Number of recordable images: 7 images (when there are RAW files with the particular speed)
    Unlimited consecutive shooting (when there are no RAW files)
    (depending on memory card size, battery power, picture size, and compression)


  • Built in-flash Type: TTL Built-in-Flash, GN6.3 equivalent (ISO 160 • m), Built-in Pop-up
  • Flash mode: Auto, Auto/Red-eye Reduction, Forced On, Forced On/Red-eye Reduction, Slow Sync., Slow Sync./Red-eye Reduction, Forced Off
  • Synchronization speed: Less than 1/160 second
  • Flash synchronization: 1st. Curtain Sync


  • LCD Monitor Type: TFT LCD with Touch panel
  • Monitor size: 3.0inch / 3:2 Aspect / Wide-viewing angle
  • Pixels: 460K dots
  • Field of view: Approx. 100%
  • Monitor adjustment: Brightness (7 levels), Cnotrast and Saturation (7 levels), Red tint (7 levels), Blue tint (7 levels)


  • Digital zoom: 2x, 4x
  • Extra Tele Conversion:
    • Still image: Max.2x (Not effective with L size recording. Magnification ratio depends on the recording pixels and aspect ratio.)
    • Motion image: 3.1x (SH/H in AVCHD and HD/WVGA in Motion JPEG), 4.2x (VGA/QVGA in Motion JPEG)
  • Other functions:
    • Guide Lines (3 patterns)
    • Real-time Histogram


  • Creative control: (Still image & Motion image) Expressive / Retro / High key / Sepia / High Dyamic / Miniature


  • Playback mode: Normal playback, 30-thumbnail display, 12-thumbnail display, Calendar display, Zoomed playback (16x Max.), Slideshow (duration & effect is selectable), Playback Mode (Normal/Picture/AVCHD/Motion JPEG/3D Play/Category/Favorite), Title Edit, Text Stamp, Video Divide, Resize, Cropping, Aspect Conversion, Rotate, Rotate Display, Favorite, Print set, Protect, Face Recognition Edit


  • Protection: Single / Multi, Single in Burst Group / Multi in Burst Group, Cancel
  • Erase: Single / Multi / All / Except Favorite


  • Direct print: PictBridge compatible (Print size, Layout, Date setting are selectable)


  • USB: USB 2.0 High Speed
  • HDMI:
    • miniHDMI: TypeC
    • Video: Auto / 1080i / 720p / 480p
    • Audio: Linear PCM
  • Audio video output: Monaural Type, NTSC, NTSC only for North America
    *Check the website of the Panasonic sales company in your country or region for details on the products that are available in your market.
  • Microphone:
    • Monaural, Wind-cut: Off / Low / Standard / High
    • Microphone level adjustable: Lv1 / Lv2 / Lv3 / Lv4
  • Speaker: Monaural


  • OSD language: English, Spanish
    *Check the website of the Panasonic sales company in your country or region for details on the OSD languages on the products that are available in your market.


  • Battery:
    • Li-ion Battery Pack (7.2V, 940mAh) (Included)
    • Battery Charger
  • Battery life (CIPA standard):
    • Approx. 320 images with H-FS014042
    • Approx. 340 images with H-H014
    • Approx. 330 images with H-PS14042


  • Operating temperature: 0° Cto 40° C(32° F to 104° F)
  • Operating humidity: 10% to 80%


  • Software:
    • PHOTOfunSTUDIO 6.2 HD Edition
    • SILKYPIX® Developer Studio 3.1 SE
    • Super LoiloScope (trial version)
  • USB Driver
  • Battery Charger
  • Body Cap(DMC-GF3K and DMC-GF3 only)
  • AV Cable
  • USB Connection Cable
  • Shoulder Strap
  • Stylus pen
  • CD-ROM
  • * Body cap not included for DMC-GF3C kit and DMC-GF3W kit and DMC-GF3X kit
  • ** Lens rear cap of H-H014 lens not included for DMC-GF3C kit and DMC-GF3W Kit and DMC-GF3X Kit

Approximate Dimensions:

  • Height: 2.64"
  • Width: 4.24"
  • Depth: 1.28"

Approximate Weight:

  • Body: 0.7 lbs
  • Shipping: 5 lbs

Warranty Information:

  • Manufacturer Warranty (authorized online retailer): One Year Parts and Labor
Key Features
DSLR-Like Image Quality, Features, And Lens Options/ Ultra Compact System/ Built-In Flash/ 3.0 " Touch Enabled LCD Control With Mode Thumb Wheel/ LightSpeed Focusing And PinPoint Focusing Control/ Full HD Video Capabilites/ 12.1 Megapixel Live MOS Sensor/ 3D Shooting Feature/ Easy Manual Control/ Face Recognition/ Extended Battery Life/ Black Finish
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  • The Panasonic DMC-GF3XK is Brand New.
  • The Panasonic DMC-GF3XK Ships in a Factory Sealed Box.
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TypePoint And Shoot
Effective Pixels12.1 Megapixels
Records VideoYes
Records HD VideoYes
Height (inches)2.64"
Width (inches)4.24"
Depth (inches)1.28"
Digital Zoom2x, 4x
Built-In FlashYes
Focus ModesAFS/ AFC/ MF
LCD Screen Size (inches)3.0"
LCD TypeTFT LCD with Touch panel
Red-Eye ReductionYes
Self TimerYes
Self Timer Delay10sec, 3 images/ 2sec / 10sec
Shutter Speed
Storage MediaSD memory card, SDHC memory card, SDXC memory card
Power SourceLi-ion Battery Pack (7.2V, 940mAh)
White BalanceAuto / Daylight / Cloudy / Shade / Halogen / Flash / White Set 1, 2 / Color temperature setting / Portrait / Beauty skin / Sport / Flower / Collection / Baby / Pet / defocus control
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