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Illinois Energy Star State Appliance Rebate Program

Rebates for ENERGY STAR Appliances

Program is now officially over. Funds ran out at 10:30am.

Illinois Customers- On Friday, September 24th, the state of IL will initiate an instant 15% off select Energy Star qualified appliances (categories include clothes washers, dishwashers, refrigerators and freezers). This rebate program is scheduled for one day only and the program will end when the funds run out. The state has set aside roughly $3 million to fund this program. Here's some important things to know before the program begins:


Elegible Products Include

Refrigerators and Freezers
Clothes Washers

Frequently Asked Questions

What restrictions apply to these rebates?

  • Only in-store purchases are eligible for the rebate (no online sales).
  • Purchase must be made from a participating energy star appliance retailer (yes- Abt is on the approved retailer list)
  • Only one rebate per product category, per household is allowable. For example, a customer may receive a rebate on an ENERGY STAR refrigerator as well as a qualifying dishwasher, but would not be eligible for two dishwasher rebates. A cap of $250 has been put on the rebate amount per appliance.
  • Only Illinois residents are eligible for these rebates. Home zip code must be supplied at point of purchase.
  • Rebate will not be retro-active; it will be available only on September 24th, 2010 beginning at 8am (no pre-orders).. Rebate offer will expire when funds run out on 9/24/10.
  • No rebate will be offered to customers who are representing a company or using corporate funding to purchase appliances. In addition, retailers will have the right to refuse to have the appliances delivered to a place of business. This program is intended for personal use by IL residents only.
  • Only residential-scale equipment will qualify. Only installations in Illinois will qualify. Installations in commercial space will not be applicable. This program is not intended to be used by multi-family building owners.
  • All appliances must be delivered by October 25, 2010 - close of business.

See more about the Illinois ENERGY STAR® Appliance Rebate Program

For more information, download the Illinois state appliance program fact sheet.

Download the Consumer Self-Certification for Appliance Replacement form.

I just bought an efficient appliance. Will the rebates be available retroactively?
Only purchases of qualified products made during the specific time period established by each state will be eligible for a rebate.

How long will the rebate programs last?
The rebate program begins on September 24th, 2010 at 8:00 AM until funds are depleted. We don't expect the funds to last very long.

Who is eligible for a rebate?
The program is for consumers. Each state will specify exactly who is eligible to participate in its program, and some states are likely to limit rebates to only certain types of consumers, e.g., low-income.

Do I have to turn in my old appliance to be eligible for a rebate?
Only purchases that replace an existing appliance are eligible for a rebate. DOE is strongly encouraging the recycling of old appliances purchased under the program. See the ENERGY STAR Recycling page for more information on appliance recycling.

What are the rebate amounts?
Illinois customers will receive an instant rebate of 15% for qualifying ENERGY STAR Appliances. The Illinois government has imposed a cap on the rebate program. A maximum rebate of $250 per appliance will be allowed.

Can consumers combine the rebate with other incentives, such as the federal tax credit or a utility rebate?
A consumer can combine a state rebate with the federal tax credit for the same product, as long as the purchase qualifies under the rules of both programs and is not specifically excluded. Consumers may also be able to combine the state rebate with a local utility rebate, but eligibility should be verified with both organizations. For more information on additional incentives and rebates, please see the Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency.

How much energy can I save when I replace a used appliance with a new ENERGY STAR-qualified model?
Energy savings will depend on the specific appliance and model being replaced, but new ENERGY STAR appliances save significantly more energy than those manufactured years ago. For example, replacing a clothes washer made before 2000 with a new ENERGY STAR model can save up to $135 per year. Replacing a refrigerator made before 1993 with a new ENERGY STAR model can save up to $65 per year.

Find out more about the energy savings potential of these products:

Program information subject to change. Rebates may be offered for a limited time only. Before purchasing a product, check with your program sponsor to ensure rebates are available, and to confirm product eligibility and program requirements. Products purchased must meet efficiency criteria as established by the state.

For Disabled Citizens

Disabled individuals physically unable to make their purchases in-store may do so by calling a participating retailer. NOTE: This is ONLY for persons physically unable to make their purchases in-store. The State reserves the right to revoke any and all rebates made by individuals violating or misusing this stipulation.