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Abt Customer Reviews

After 80 years, we still go by the motto "The House that service built"

By making customer service a priority and always saying yes to any reasonable request, Abt has been pleasing people since 1936. This is why we love to hear from all of our customers! Please leave your own review, story, or testimonial, by clicking on the “Review Us” button below, and be sure to check out what other customers are saying about their shopping experience at Abt!

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Abt Electronics
Mar 23, 2017,
Easy order process. Delivery and installation were as promised

Mar 22, 2017,
They were family gifts

Mar 20, 2017,
Top quality and in stock products are available at great prices. If something is not right, thet stand behind their sales and have an excellent service department.

Mar 19, 2017,
Ordered a very hard to find newest model Garmin GPS. ABT not only had it but it arrived just 1 day later! We shall return for other things. What a great company!

Mar 18, 2017,
Well done...

Mar 12, 2017,
The delivery guys at Abt are awesome! They brought my fridge into the basement unpacked the fridge (inside and out) and took all the materials with them so I didn't have to deal with it. Nice! I will continue to buy from Abt. Great prices great service.

Mar 10, 2017,
The dishwasher was delivered as scheduled with no problems.

Mar 8, 2017,
All went very well. Good,good

Mar 7, 2017,
Iwant to thank you for your prompt service. again thank you.

Mar 6, 2017,
Arrived in time

Mar 6, 2017,
My microwave arrived in a timely fashion without the only problem being bringing it into the house. It was left on the outside .

Mar 6, 2017,
I wish one could get an installer with purchase.

Feb 25, 2017,
It was all good.

Feb 25, 2017,
Never had a problem with deliveries from ABT, always got my shipments on the date provided bye them.

Feb 23, 2017,
Very professional service! I will be doing more business with Abt in the future! Thanks,

Feb 22, 2017,
On time and easy

Feb 21, 2017,
Great service

Feb 19, 2017,
Arrived as quoted, good package no problems worked right out of the box.

Feb 18, 2017,
very good

Feb 18, 2017,
Terrific Service and fast delivery

Feb 18, 2017,

Feb 13, 2017,

Feb 9, 2017,
I like the way your company works!

Feb 8, 2017,
Great service - on time delivery - stress free

Feb 3, 2017,
Very good microwave I like it

Feb 2, 2017,
Great service I would order again. Very satisfied.

Feb 2, 2017,
It took a long time to arrive but I was told before hand that this range hood was back ordered.

Feb 2, 2017,
Just wanted to take a moment and express a Thank you note to Mr. Shawn Alesch. He was very helpful is selecting a brand new Nikon camera, his knowledge was instrumental ! ABT should be proud of an employee like Mr. Alesch.

Feb 1, 2017,
Product was well packaged and delivery was as promised.

Jan 31, 2017,
Very good microwave I like it

Jan 29, 2017,
My vacuum was delivered on the date promised. It was delivered to North Carolina and was well packed. The price was right and the vacuum is high quality. Thank you.

Jan 27, 2017,
It reached me perfectly, but it has not been installed. So I hope this rating is not for the product, but the delivery as stated. :)

Jan 25, 2017,
The delivery was flawless. On time, very professional, and uneventful. Thank you!

Jan 23, 2017,

Jan 23, 2017,
The delivery was flawless. On time, very professional, and uneventful. Thank you!

Jan 19, 2017,
If my wife is happy I'm happy, your delivery personnel conducted themselves professionally and after having 2 previous companies make deliveries to our home your people won hands down. I will do future business with your type of conservative, well manner workers.

Jan 17, 2017,
Can't remember what I ordered, but you guys have always been the best and I'm sure whatever it was arrived in great shape and on time.

Jan 16, 2017,
I would love to give you some feedback but you are going to have to remind me what it is I ordered.

Jan 16, 2017,
Couldn't find this product anywhere so was super happy to find it on your site plus on sale! We did wait quite awhile to receive but we knew that was a possibility since it stated that clearly. Very happy!

Jan 15, 2017,
I didn't order anything recently Please verify my account

Jan 12, 2017,
Once again another great Abt purchase. I usually order online, but with Abt I prefer email. I was able to order our washer/dryer with Steve Pawlak. Who is my go to guy . He always asks the right questions to make sure the purchase fulfills all our needs. The delivery came on time. Julio and Marlon removed the old unit and installed the new one without any problems.

Jan 11, 2017,
Quick easy service. No complaints

Jan 9, 2017,
Everything was delivered as scheduled , the installers were very professional and neat .I would recommend ABT to anyone

Jan 9, 2017,
I wish I remember the two men's names who delivered. They were awesome!

Jan 9, 2017,
I need to send it back i bought the wrong remote. Otherwise the delivery was awsome

Jan 8, 2017,
Excellent service

Jan 6, 2017,
You level of customer service can't be beat!! I continue to check your website when I'm searching for items I need.

Jan 5, 2017,
Washer and dryer were delivered and installed on time and as expected by professional crew. Thank you!

Jan 5, 2017,
The delivery was flawless. The driver measured to make sure that the refrigerator could be brought through the door with no issues. The driver and helper did all the unpacking at the truck. Brought the new refrigerator to my door. Removed the old refrigerator and brought the new one in. Leveled it. Gathered the old refrigerator, loaded it on the truck and off they went. Very efficient.

Jan 4, 2017,
I received my order a day earlier than expected. GREAT service.

Jan 3, 2017,
Good experience.

Dec 29, 2016,
Arrived on time TV was well packed and in perfect shape.

Dec 28, 2016,
Delivery was great! Fast and right on time!

Dec 28, 2016,
Everything went very well and the service was great

Dec 26, 2016,
Order was delivered on time as stated , all is good

Dec 24, 2016,
as expected...

Dec 23, 2016,
I've ordered several items from ABT. I have never had a problem with any of my orders. And the shipping time was great. And a special thanks to the customer service people. Merry Christmas

Dec 23, 2016,
Fast reliable shipping.

Dec 19, 2016,
TV showed up broken but I was shipped a new one immediately. Abt is great and so is my new TV!

Dec 15, 2016,
Delivered as promised and in good condition.

Dec 13, 2016,
All went well with delivery and installation.

Dec 11, 2016,
I think my only problem was a total lack of paperwork from the freight company. No packing list, no receipt, etc... Other than that, there was no issue, and everything was great.

Dec 11, 2016,
My delivery experience with Abt couldn't have been any better!

Dec 9, 2016,
Great price. Fast delivery. Items as advertized. No issues, everything worked as it should. Will buy from them again.

Dec 9, 2016,
Shipped promptly and received in good order

Dec 8, 2016,
Product met requirements. Arrived on schedule.

Dec 8, 2016,
Nice service and timely delivery!

Dec 7, 2016,

Dec 7, 2016,
Everything was great!

Dec 6, 2016,
No issues

Dec 6, 2016,
Great service. Everything arrived timely, and in good shape. Had to return one item and it was quickly credited to my account! Well done.

Dec 6, 2016,
On time as promised!

Dec 3, 2016,
Arrived promptly and in good condition -- will be given as Christmas gift

Dec 2, 2016,
Thrilled with the ABT experience

Dec 1, 2016,
Always delivered as promised!

Nov 30, 2016,
I'll recommend you guys. Keep doing your job like this

Nov 30, 2016,
ABT was very easy to order from and very quick to ship my products out

Nov 28, 2016,
I always receive customer service second to none! Its what keep me coning back.

Nov 27, 2016,
Thanks so much. The microwave design saves much space on the counter. I have had it for a few weeks now and so far it has worked perfectly. Thanks again, Elias

Nov 27, 2016,
The purchase and delivery process went smoothly, and I'm very pleased with my purchase.

Oct 20, 2016,
Have been an Abt shopper for over a decade, and am always pleased with the price and service. Can't be beat in Chicago or on the web.

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