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From casual gamers to streamers and pros, the right monitor is essential for PC and console gaming. Your monitor is the screen on which you view the action so it's important to have the right one that fits your space and your gaming style. Flat monitors are the classic choice that easily adapt to any setup, whether it's a desk in your bedroom or an entire room dedicated to gaming. Abt carries several different flat screen ASUS gaming monitors with full HD resolution so the characters in your favorite game look incredibly lifelike. Gaming monitors also prioritize factors like refresh rate to reduce "tearing" while you play. With refresh rates starting at 100Hz, you'll enjoy a smooth display no matter how intense the game becomes. They also tend to have faster response times to help reduce lagging and latency. Their flat shape also reduces glare, which can be distracting while you're trying to take out your opponent. Because these ASUS gaming monitors have a similar look and feel to flat screen televisions, they can easily adapt to any room and can even be mounted onto a wall to save room on your desk for your gaming keyboard and other gaming essentials. If you're looking for a classic look and experience, opt for a flat monitor.

Curved Monitors for Immersive Gaming

The latest technology in PC gaming is the curved monitor. These ASUS gaming monitors are designed to create an immersive experience. If you tend to play games for long periods of time, a curved monitor will reduce eyestrain because its shape fills your peripheral vision. Curved monitors also reduce distortion, which is essential if you're trying to take the trophy at a tournament. Players who are serious about creating the best setup possible should invest in multiple curved monitors. That way, you can literally immerse yourself in the world of the game and see gameplay from multiple angles. Be sure to add a gaming chair to the setup so you can easily move around while you play. If you already own an Xbox or PS5 and want to upgrade from playing on a basic television, you can even connect your console to these ASUS gaming monitors via HDMI. Now you can enjoy games like Call of Duty in brilliant 1920x1080 HD. If you're limited on space, though, you may be better off with a flat monitor. While the immersive look and feel of curved monitors are unmatched, that immersion requires the monitors to be much wider than their flat counterparts, which means that a single monitor might take up your whole desk. In short, if space limitations and glare are concerns, opt for a flat screen; if creating an immersive experience is your top priority, go with curved. Whether you choose a flat or a curved monitor, a great screen will instantly upgrade your gaming setup. Pair our ASUS gaming monitors with an ASUS gaming PC or gaming laptop and experience their cutting-edge technology and design. To learn more about these gaming essentials, check out our computer monitor buying guide. If you have questions about a specific monitor, visit our store in Glenview or call our gaming experts at 800-860-3577.

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