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Air Conditioners

Anyone whose had to live without an air conditioning unit (thank you, college dorms and studio apartments) will know that these devices may not feel necessary until you need them. High temperatures, humid afternoons, and hot sunshine can make any home feel intolerable. Make your living space a sanctuary from the heat with air conditioners from Abt. Whether your home is set up for central air conditioning or window air conditioners, our experts can help you find the best HVAC options for your home.

In Window or Central: The Defenestration of Air Conditioning

These are undoubtedly the most popular and effective choices for AC. So, which one should you get? That depends entirely on your living situation and your budget, as well as how much work you'd like to have done on your house. As a general rule, central air systems cool the entire house with ease and keep all windows unblocked, at a price. Plus, you'll need to install ductwork if your home doesn't already have any. However, installing this HVAC system can greatly increase your home's value. One rarely mentioned benefit of window units? Temperature personalization. If Mom likes to stay cool all day and the kids find themselves shivering in their beds, you can keep her AC unit on behind closed doors. Meanwhile, window units are significantly more budget-friendly than central systems, and can be installed quickly and easily. There are a few major downsides, though. One, they can only cool one room, meaning you'll end up purchasing multiple for a home. Two, you'll have to take them out when temperatures begin to drop. And three, they block your windows and can interrupt your home's design.

Cool Off Your Way with Personalized AC

While the two most popular varieties involve semi-permanent installation, there are more options now than ever for alternative AC. If you're a renter or live somewhere that doesn't allow the installation of window units, consider a portable air conditioner. These multifunctional coolers are often high-powered appliances, so don't discount them just because they're portable. Generally speaking, they can cool a space that's anywhere from 100 to 950 square feet. All you have to do is set the output hose in the window to have comfort on hot, humid days. And when it's time to move house (or switch rooms), your machine is ready to move. But maybe you're not as interested in portability, and instead, you'd rather focus on versatility. Consider a unit that can function as a heater as well, like a PTAC (Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner). These make it easy to adjust the temperature of a single room and are often found in hotel rooms. If you're low on space and setting up central air isn't an option, a PTAC unit may be the solution.

Stay Chill with Air Conditioner Support from Abt

It's a good idea to keep in mind the size of your home, as well as the size of your windows if you're considering purchasing window units. And if you're hoping for more personalized help, give our experts a call at 800-860-3577. We're licensed to install central air systems, and can help you troubleshoot any problems before they start. We're here to help you find the right product that will make your life easier and cooler.

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