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Big Ass Fans: Quality Airflow with a Big Impact

Though their name may evoke the occasional chuckle, Big Ass Fans has been revolutionizing the way that people cool down since they first began back in 1999. When they started as HVLS Fan Company, they began knowing that they had a problem to solve: high heat and humidity were worth striking over, whether you worked in a warehouse, restaurant, or construction project. Emerging into the new millennium with large dreams and even larger blueprints for ceiling fans, these innovators rebranded as Big Ass Fans.

What won them the name was their industrial size models, which help to power businesses all across the globe. Their machines move an extremely high volume of air but move at relatively low speeds. Now, their domestic models bring the same dynamic energy-saving airflow technology to homes. And we know for certain that they're all they say and more. Abt is proud to use the same technology in our on-site warehouse that we would install in a customer's living room.

Energy-Saving Technology

When so many options for high-powered air conditioning exist today, you might be wondering why you should consider Big Ass Fans. The answer lies in your utility costs. Running an AC unit 24/7, whether it's a window air conditioner or a completely installed central air unit, is costly—especially in the high heat of the summer. Having a big ceiling fan overhead (and a powerful one) can bring perceived temperatures down by 10°F. And with each degree you raise on your thermostat on hot days thanks to overhead circulation, you can save 5% on your energy bills.

While that extra energy is good for you, saved energy is even better for the environment. Keep in mind that sunshine can bring added heat to the home, too. Do more to bring temperatures down and save the planet by keeping sunlight out with shades or shudders, and keep your fan spinning.

The Haiku

Big Ass Fans' love letter to modern style is their Haiku. This model makes it easy to keep your home cool and chic, with sleek spinners that are a far cry from their industrial progenitors. Each one is made from high-quality materials like Moso bamboo or aircraft-grade aluminum finishing, ensuring that these devices last as long as possible. With dozens of styles to choose from and sizes ranging from 52 inches to 84 inches, it's easy to find one that matches your own home's look. For your dining room, maybe a caramel version that pairs with your hardwood flooring or table. And in the nursery, look for a soft pink or light blue model to keep your little one as cool as can be.

The Haiku isn't all about looks. Big Ass Fans packs smart technology into every Haiku installed. Look for versions with SenseME technology for next-gen cooling you can access from your smartphone or with help from Amazon Alexa. Download the app to adjust between multiple fan speeds manually, or let the machine run its own. SenseME monitors the motion, temperature, and humidity sensors in each fan, adjusting automatically when conditions change. That way, you'll be cool and comfortable, and you'll save money doing it. That's what it means to go Big Ass.

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  • This is the 2nd purchase I've made with this company. Their website is easy to understand. Products are easy to order and delivery was very quick.
    Dorothy W. - Valley Lee, MD
    July 29, 2021