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Blueair Purifiers: Complete Health-Conscious Filtration

Not many manufacturers can say they're committed to every aspect of your health, and even fewer can say they've backed that claim up with environmentally friendly production and performance. But Blueair purifiers have moved the starting line, and their competition is racing to keep up. These Swedish fans and filters are made with sustainability in mind, all with the hope that the next generation of adventure lovers will be able to breathe the same clean air found in the Swedish countryside for hundreds of years. And that's not just rhetoric—these designers donate their products and money to hospitals, schools, and the Chicago community with the hope of bringing cleaner air to children in need.

Transform your home's environment into a pristine environment today with help from a Blueair purifier, and know that you're making an impact not only within your home, but in the lives of others.

More Than a Filter with HEPASilent™

When it comes to filtration, it can seem hard to keep track of different filtering technologies. That's why so many filters stick with the popular HEPA and true HEPA technologies. These methods strip your environment of many particulates, but are only so powerful. And while true HEPA filters capture 99.97% of harmful particles, they do have their flaws—flaws that Blueair purifiers set out to mitigate with their HEPASilent™ technology. This methodology uses both mechanical and electrostatic filtration to pull charged particles to the filter itself. Thanks to the electrostatic charge, the fiberous layer can be less dense than competitors, allowing oxygen to flow through quicker and quieter than ever before.

Trust HEPASilent™ to strip particulates like microplastics, pollen, dust, dander, smoke, and bacteria from your home, all while activated carbon keeps odor and gases to a minimum.

Working Smarter, Not Harder

While many Blueair purifiers are designed for economical use and near-silent cleaning, newer designs are shifting how we interact with our own air quality appliances. Instead of just turning it on and letting it run, interact with your device with the app. Users only need to set up once, then use the interface to get an inside look at your home's environment. Track things like indoor and outdoor air quality, the life of your air filter, and more.

As these engineers look for new ways to improve the smartphone app, you'll be ahead of the curve at every point. And the best part? Your new smart device is compatible with Amazon Alexa, a virtual assistant. All you have to do is speak, and you can turn your machine on and off from anywhere in the home.

Not Sure Which One Is For You?

If you're having trouble picking the product that's best for your living space, start eliminating models that won't work for you. Maybe this version is too small for your space, or too powerful. Maybe smart devices aren't for you, but you absolutely need the HEPASilent™ technology. Alternatively, check out our Air Purifier Buying Guide to learn more about how these machines work. For more personalized help, give our specialists a call at 800-860-3577. We'll be happy to help you find the one that's best for you—and your Blueair purifier purchase will help make the world a better place, too.

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