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Bose Outdoor Speakers: Sound & Sun

Bringing your favorite playlist with you is often just as easy as grabbing a pair of headphones or a portable speaker. But when it comes to listening outside, things get a little tougher. Unlike an indoor setting, the acoustics in the wild are often considered nonexistent. There are few surfaces for sound waves to bounce off of and be contained by, meaning that underpowered sound sources don't stand a chance against simple interference. Birdsong, dogs barking, or just the rustling of the leaves overhead can drown out the bass from even the most powerful portable volume. Instead of settling for tunes you can barely hear at your next backyard bash, equip your home with time-tested sonic science from Bose outdoor speakers. These audio experts have been chasing after the ideal sound mix for decades, and bring their most refined technology to your front porch, side deck or backyard pool.

Weather-Tested Volume

These wall-mounted Bose outdoor speakers provide a unique mix of powered bass and stereo sound, but they're more than just noisemakers. Each model is tested to stand up to the elements and inclement weather, ensuring you'll have great soundtracks at the ready for when that thunderstorm clears up. Many versions are tested against more than just a bit of water—they've gone up against simulated freezing rain, high temperatures, violent winds and more. Bose outdoor speakers can withstand extreme weather at either end of the temperature spectrum. The sturdy brackets and high-tech hardware help to ensure each noisemaker lasts as long as possible. To provide your stereo system with better shelter, try to install yours in a space with natural protection. Consider a spot beneath the eaves, under a second-story balcony or anywhere else that you can find a bit of shelter.

Flexible Stereo Connections

These Bose outdoor speakers live outside, and that might leave some folks scratching their heads as to how you'll play music. Instead of analog connections that require cords, inputs and outputs, many of these devices can connect wirelessly. Use your smartphone to queue up playlists for the entire afternoon's gathering, or take suggestions from your guests throughout the evening. Alternatively, pursue the high fidelity option and connect your Bose outdoor speakers to a record player or a CD player. You'll be able to enjoy the crystal-clear audio in a lossless format as you lounge by the pool. And with the company's high-powered Articulated Array® sound design, you'll be able to hear songs across the full range of your listening space.

Having Trouble Finding the Best Boom For You?

If you're ready to bring the listening experience beyond the walls of your home (but having a hard time picking the right product), you don't need to fly blind. Our team of audio experts has been building music studios, home theaters, sonic set-ups and just plain soundbars for decades. Tap into our specialists' wealth of knowledge and give us a call at 800-860-3577 or head into the store in-person. Alternatively, check out our Speaker Buying Guide to learn more about what you might need in a home audio system.

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