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Breville Pressure Cookers

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Breville Pressure Cookers: Steam-Powered Cooking

If you're looking to cook healthy, delicious meals in a flash, look no further than the pressure cooker. These appliances have become trendy recently thanks to their incredible cooking power. With the power of steam, Breville pressure cookers cook meals faster than ever without sacrificing flavor or texture. As this cooking method is so quick, foods won't lose as many nutrients during the cooking process; vitamins and minerals won't evaporate. For this same reason, foods will also retain their colors. Fruits and vegetables are vibrant and steaks are perfectly browned. If you're an environmentally-conscious consumer, you'll be happy to hear how Breville pressure cookers conserve energy. With their 6-quart capacity, you can cook an entire meal in one appliance without having to heat up an oven or turn on the burners on your cooktop. Once again, their fast cooking offers another benefit as their reduced operating time uses less energy. Busy parents and people working long hours will love the minimal prep that goes into preparing a pressure-cooked meal. There are many one-pot recipes online that cut down on prep time so you can spend less time in the kitchen and more time relaxing. With all your ingredients thrown into one appliance, there's less to clean up after dinner, too. One of the biggest benefits of these cookers is how compact they are. If you use yours often, you can leave it on your kitchen counter without sacrificing too much space. If you'd rather keep your counters clear, these Breville pressure cookers are also small enough to fit inside a kitchen cabinet.

The cornerstone of the Breville pressure cooker collection is the Fast Slow Pro™ cooker. These cookers are designed for safety, which is important when you're cooking with contents under pressure. Steam is released automatically so you don't have to put your hands near hot vapor that can cause severe burns. Breville pressure cookers include 11 cooking settings for foods including vegetables, chili, and even dessert. Even technically difficult recipes like risotto are made easier because these cookers do the work for you; just select the appropriate setting. You can also adjust the cooking settings from high to low so these steam cookers can handle any meal request from your kids or dinner guests. All of Breville's steam cookers have a durable stainless steel body that helps with heat retention. Buying a new appliance is a big decision, especially in a kitchen where space is valuable. Abt has plenty of resources to help you make the best buying decision for your unique needs. To learn more about these small appliances, check out our pressure cooker buying guide. There is a small learning curve with these cookers so we suggest that you read our article on how to use a pressure cooker to familiarize yourself with your new kitchen gadget as well. Additionally, you can visit our store to speak with our kitchen appliance experts or you can call them at 800-860-3577 for more information. Abt offers an extensive range of Breville small kitchen appliances so you can bake, blend, and puree your way to amazing meals.

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