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Car Subwoofers

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Car Subwoofers for Booming Bass

If you're looking to upgrade your car's audio system, you should consider adding a subwoofer. Car subwoofers work with your car speakers to deliver booming bass that you can feel as well as an overall richer, more complex sound. Their purpose is to produce low frequencies that your speakers cannot produce on your own. Upgrading your car's sound system with aftermarket products gives you control over how the system performs as well as how much you spend; replacing speakers or other audio components through the manufacturer can be incredibly costly. Audio buffs will be glad to see options from reputable brands like Pioneer and Sony. There are different types of subwoofer that suit different situations or sound preferences. A powered subwoofer consists of an amplifier and a woofer in the same enclosure. If you drive a smaller car or just don't want your sound system to take up too much space, these car subwoofers are a great option because you get two components in one compact unit. If you're looking for a quick, easy way to upgrade your vehicle's existing sound system, powered subwoofers are a good choice. At the same time, powered subwoofers don't produce quite as big a bass sound as other models. Consider how much boom you want your bass to have. A subwoofer driver is what the subwoofer itself is often called. Because you have to buy a separate amplifier to power this woofer, you'll need more space for installation. At the same time, buying the components separately gives you greater control over the sound system and can thus help you produce bigger bass. If aesthetics are important to you, a vehicle-specific subwoofer is an option to consider. However, these do not typically produce powerful bass so consider the importance of looks versus sound quality when deciding which model to purchase. Not everyone wants bone-rattling bass, though, so these sleek subwoofers might be a great option for you.

While upgrading your car can be exciting, it's important to consider fit. The dimensions, especially the depth, are crucial to finding a car subwoofer that fits. Luckily, we have a fit guide to help you determine which products will work with your car. There are even car subwoofers for particular makes and models. We also carry compact and shallow depth models that are great for smaller cars. Another concept to consider is impedance. Impedance quantifies how hard it is to drive a speaker and is measured in ohms. It's important to be sure that the impedance isn't too high or too low as you can overheat your speakers. Choosing the components of a sound system can get quite technical and we want to ensure that you pick the right products for your needs. If you have questions about a particular car subwoofer or want help choosing the right products for your vehicle, feel free to visit our car audio experts in store or call them at 800-860-3577. We also have a car subwoofer buying guide that breaks down the unique features of car subwoofers and why they matter.

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