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Charcoal Grills and Smokers at Abt

Charcoal grills and smokers are the outdoor chef's choice for flavorful food, and are simple and easy to use. Whether you like a fast hot sear or prefer to go low and slow, there are many ways to add smoky flavor. From the classic Weber kettle grill to the Kamado Joe ceramic cooker, Abt Electronics carries a wide range of charcoal grills and smokers from top brands such as Traeger, Coyote, Lynx, and Broil King.

Charcoal Grills

Charcoal grills are versatile and add authentic barbecue flavor to any food. Not just limited to meats, vegetables and starches take on a new dimension of taste when they hit the cooking grates. Compared to gas grills, charcoal can reach higher temperatures, at the expense of taking longer to warm up. At their core, the grill construction is simple - a large bowl or tray-shaped receptacle that holds charcoal while it smolders and burns. Charcoal's high heat can be used to sear meat quickly and add a delicious crust and browning in seconds. Some models are constructed from ceramic, which aids in heat retention. Grill grate materials are another consideration. Stainless steel, plated steel, and porcelain enamel are popular choices, which allow them to stand up to the high heat of cooking. Cleaning the grates is an important step, allowing the flavor of the food to shine through without being overwhelmed by the burned bits of the last meal cooked.


Smokers reward those who are patient with richly flavored results. Tough cuts of meat transform into savory delicacies, and many people are surprised by the variety of foods that benefit from the addition of smoke as a flavoring element. They can be fueled by charcoal, gas, or wood, and are available in both freestanding and built-in configurations. New technologies have made their mark on the grilling and smoking experience. This includes charcoal grills with gas ignition, eliminating the need for lighter fluid. Different cooking inserts, including woks, pizza stones, and griddles create new opportunities for outdoor cooking. Some units even offer WiFi and app connectivity, letting you keep an eye on your food from across the backyard!

Traeger Wood Pellet Grills

Giving you the best of both worlds between a charcoal grill and a traditional smoker is a Traeger wood pellet grill. With wood fired flavor and the ease of electronic temperature control, Traeger grills let you cook at both high and low temperatures and accommodate a variety of styles. No matter what charcoal grill or smoker you choose, Abt has you covered with free delivery, installation, and support.

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