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Cooler Master Mouse & Keyboard Sets

We've all been there before: you're in the middle of an intense match or big work project when suddenly your keyboard begins to overheat. You have to make the tough decision to either stop what you're doing to let the keyboard cool down or keep going, risking permanent damage to your setup. Say goodbye to ill-timed overheating with Cooler Master mouse and keyboards. Cooler Master designs their products with overheating in mind and their keyboards and mice are no exception. Whether you're buying a set or individual components, adding a Cooler Master mouse or keyboard is guaranteed to make playing games more enjoyable. If you love buying the latest titles or stream on platforms like Twitch, you might want a Cooler Master keyboard for gaming. These gaming keyboards can be backlit with multiple different color options to match the rest of your setup. Our selection includes the top-rated Cooler Master Devastator gaming keyboard with tactile keys for optimal performance and quiet typing. Competitive gamers will enjoy adding a Cooler Master keyboard to their arsenal because they are designed to improve performance without getting too hot. Many of their keyboards let you adjust the keyboard's lighting and macros without software required. Easily change the backlight color to match your mood, hardware, or decor in a different room. Every Cooler Master keyboard is designed for tactile feedback and accuracy that gamers need. If wrist pain or arthritis have slowed down your gaming, have no fear; Cooler Master makes mice and keyboards with low profiles to reduce strain while you type and click. The computer mice are ergonomic with rubber padding for a secure grip that increases response times and keeps your hand fingers comfortable for hours. At their core, Cooler Master computer accessories are designed for customer satisfaction.

Replacing your existing equipment with a Cooler Master mouse or keyboard is an easy way to upgrade your setup without tedious assembly or difficult installation. Cooler Master offers both wired and wireless keyboards as well as hybrid keyboards that can function as both to adapt to any situation. They offer hybrid mice as well so if you're unable to access Bluetooth, you can still use your devices. Even if you're not a gamer, PC gaming equipment has a different look from standard computer equipment that brings style to your desk in your home office. Additionally, these peripherals are designed for faster response times needed when playing games, which can make them more enjoyable to use if you're working on a big work presentation as well. If you are using your Cooler Master keyboard for PC gaming, it's important to have all the necessary equipment. Abt also offers Cooler Master gaming headsets that are perfect if you don't live alone or if you're seeking an immersive gaming experience. A gaming chair is another great addition to have; you can even match your keyboard lighting to match your new chair. With an ergonomic mouse, low-profile keyboard, and gaming chair, you're ready for your most comfortable gaming experience yet. If you have any questions about the right peripherals for your gaming setup, visit our retail store or call our experts at 800-860-3577. It's time to say goodbye to overheating.

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  • We had never heard of Abt until our recent purchases. I can tell you, we are very impressed with all of you! Things are actually in stock that you advertise on your website, they are delivered quickly and you follow through with good old-fashioned customer service. We will recommend you to others and we'll definitely be back!
    Tom and Pam A. - Florissant, CO
    June 1, 2021