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Countertop Microwave Ovens

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Countertop Microwave Ovens

Since its inception over seventy years ago, the microwave (or as it was known back then, the "Radarange") has only made life easier. Even starred Michelin chefs and cuisine critics agree that the microwave is a necessity in the modern home. Whether you're heating up a cup of coffee, zapping a frozen meal, or making your own microwavable creation, make sure you find the appliance that's best for your home at Abt.

Countertop Microwave Pros and Cons

Microwaves have evolved to live all across the kitchen, from over the range models to built-in versions. Nevertheless, countertop microwaves have long been a classic favorite thanks to their easy installation and simplicity of access. All you have to do is unbox it and plug it in. There's no bending down or standing on tiptoes to grab your two-minute ramen. Cleaning up spills is a breeze, too. However, that counter height isn't always a benefit. Countertop microwaves take up a decent amount of space, and counter space is always in demand (yes, even in kitchens with an island). Before you make your purchase, make sure you measure for the depth, width, and height of your available space...twice. Nobody wants to take back an appliance because it doesn't fit.

Hot and Ready Versatility

Not sure whether you want a microwave on your counter or floating above your range? Keep an eye out for one that comes with a mounting kit. These convertible countertop microwaves can fit in either space, so there's no penalty for changing your mind later. Learn more about how to replace an over the range microwave. Maybe you don't want it in your kitchen at all. Some folks might like them in the basement for fast access to heat-able snacks, or you may prefer to keep one in the bedroom on multi-floor homes. Whatever your needs are and whenever they change, your countertop microwave is ready to move. Anyone in the family heading off to college? A countertop microwave is a necessity (even if it will be sitting on a mini fridge instead of a counter.) Students lean on them heavily for late-night eats and study session meals. It's a good idea to send your undergrad off with a care package of easy-to-heat goodies: think popcorn bags, microwavable soups, and oatmeal. Once they're out of the dorms, these appliances are easy to bring home and hand down to the next sibling, too.

Convection Perfection

Looking for a multipurpose appliance that takes the pressure off of meal time? Opt for a convection microwave. These devices contain the heating element and convection fan you can find in modern ovens, and work to keep hot air circulating. The result? You can bake cookies, roast chickens, brown pizza crusts, and more. This effectively doubles your device's functionality. Who said microwaves were lazy? If you're still not sure if a countertop microwave is for you, check out our microwave buying guide to learn more about all the options for your kitchen. For more personalized help and an expert opinion, give us a call at 800-860-3577 or come into the store. We're always ready to help you find the best fit for your kitchen and lifestyle.

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