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Dacor Downdraft Ventilation Systems

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Dacor Downdrafts: The Low-Key Ventilation System

Sometimes cooking gets messy. Maybe you're making fried chicken with splattering grease or you accidentally burned something in the oven. Over time, cooking releases particles into the air in your home, worsening the air quality and creating a greasy film on your kitchen cabinets that's hard to clean. To prevent this from happening, proper ventilation is a must. Dacor downdrafts combine powerful ventilation with a sleek, simple design to enhance your kitchen. These ventilation systems lack the size and bulk of range hoods so your view isn't obstructed while you cook. Unlike island hoods or wall hoods, these Dacor downdrafts aren't visible at all times; they have a telescoping design that will rise up from your cooktop or rangetop when it's time to start cooking. That way, they provide the same cleaning power while also encouraging conversation with your family or dinner guests while you're working in the kitchen. If you have cathedral ceilings or another design element on the ceiling of your kitchen, these appliances are ideal. Dacor downdrafts go up and down with the simple push of a button so they're virtually hassle-free to use. These Dacor ventilation systems can be installed in an island, peninsula or kitchen wall to suit any setup but they're particularly great in spaces with open floor plans as they don't disrupt the wide open feel you're trying to create. They're available in multiple widths that reflect popular cooktop sizes so your downdraft can effectively filter pollutants generated by your cooking. Choose from multiple blower options up to 1,100 CFM (cubic feet per minute) so your ventilation system can adequately respond to whatever you're cooking, whether it's the mild odor of a salmon filet or the powerful smokiness of cooking steak on a grill pan. You can also control the ventilation with the turn of a dial for effective performance and efficiency.

While downdrafts feature a nonobstructive design, they're not completely invisible so you need to make sure it fits with your kitchen's aesthetic. Choose between silver or graphite stainless steel options to coordinate with the rest of your Dacor kitchen appliances. Handcrafted components exude quality that you can see, giving your kitchen the appearance and the efficiency of a restaurant kitchen. To keep your downdraft hood looking shiny and new, be sure to clean it frequently. This task is surprisingly simple thanks to the appliance's removable and easy-to-clean filters. Cleaning the filter will not only keep your ventilation system looking good but will also help it continue to operate at maximum efficiency. Having a freestanding downdraft gives you greater design flexibility because you can choose any Dacor cooktop to accompany it. Whether you're moving into your first home or remodeling your kitchen, it's normal to have questions about which downdraft or range hood is right for you. Peruse our range hood buying guide to learn more about and compare each type of ventilation appliance. Alternatively, you can speak to our appliance experts by visiting our Glenview retail store or, if you're not local, by calling them at 800-860-3577.

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