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DreamFit DreamChill Enhanced Bamboo Sand Queen Sheet Set - FFBB004-51-4Q5

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Abt Model: FFBB004-51-4Q5 UPC: 763267017135
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DreamFit FFBB004-51-4Q5 DreamChill Enhanced Bamboo Queen Sheet Set In Sand

Sleep healthy with the moisture-managing qualities and anti-microbial properties of bamboo viscose used in this sheet set. Experience softness like never before with extra-long staple cotton and stay cool all night long.

The cooling performance of Bamboo enhanced with the strength of luxurious, high quality cotton.


  • DreamFit No-Slip Corner Bands
    Advanced, patent pending corner design for the most secure fit. Guaranteed to Fit, Guaranteed to Stay On!
  • FirstFit Corner Bands
    Patented color-coded corner bands that quickly identify the head and foot of the fitted sheet
  • DreamFit 360
    1 inch wide, folded in half racetrack-style elastic banding for a tailored fit.
  • Luxury Sizing
    Extra long, extra wide luxury sizing enhances sleeping comfort and more than offsets any potential shrinkage factor.
  • Elasticity
    20X stronger than industry standard elastic.
  • Surface Fabric
    • Viscose from bamboo adds exceptional softness while extra long staple cotton adds strength and durability
    • The moisture management and antimicrobial properties of bamboo for healthy sleep͘
    • The natural cooling performance of bamboo keeps sleepers cool and comfortable

Care Tips


  • Machine Washing 
    • It is strongly recommended to wash your sheets before the first use. 
    • Use a mild liquid detergent that does not contain any bleaching agents or fabric softeners. Bleach, whitening agents and fabrics softeners can weaken the fabrics and can change the color and texture of the sheets. Our sheets do become softer with washing and use. 
    • Machine wash on a gentle cycle and do not wrap sheets around the agitator. 
    • Wash in cold or cool temperature water. Hot water can cause shrinkage in sheets that contain cotton. 
    • Much like clothing, light colors and dark colors should be washed separately. 
    • When washing your sheets, it is important to only wash sheets with sheets.  Washing with towels, jeans, items with zippers, metals and other abrasive materials can cause wear on the fabric and will decrease the lifespan of the sheets. 
    • It is important not to overload your washing machine to decrease the chance of unnecessary wear on the fabric. 
    • Some face and hair care products can lead to discoloration. Specifically, but not limited to, products that contain benzoyl peroxide. 
  • Machine Drying 
    • Natural fabrics may wrinkle, however, there are steps you can take during the laundering process that can reduce wrinkling.
    • Before moving the sheets to the dryer, you can gently shake out and smooth the fabric, making sure to unravel any items that may have become twisted in the wash. 
    • Tumble dry at the lowest heat setting, as higher heat settings can cause shrinkage of sheets that contain cotton fibers. 
    • Avoid overloading the dryer, so your sheets have plenty of space to evenly dry. 
    • Once the drying cycle is complete, immediately remove from the dryer and fold or place back on your mattress.
    • You can also line dry your sheets to cut down on wrinkling, however, please be aware that the sun can cause natural bleaching on fabric.
    • If you are storing your sheets, keep them in a place out of direct sunlight. Be sure to store them in a cool & dry place that has good ventilation. If you are storing your sheets for an extended period of time, the best practice is to store them in cotton (such as a pillowcase). We strongly advise against storing sheets in plastic boxes or bags; natural fibers need room to breathe.


  • The removable cover of our pillows is machine washable. 
  • Unzip the removable pillow cover and wash the cover only.
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