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Internal hard drives store all of the data on your computer, while external hard drives help protect it

When finding the right hard drive, you'll want to choose a drive which is optimized for your primary purpose. There are a few main things to consider when selecting a hard drive: decide first if you want an internal or external hard drive. Then, figure out how often you save items and how much space you will be taking up. Finally, whatever the size and style, always go for the fastest hard drive you can afford. You can do this by comparing the speed between units.

Speed of data access is measured using RPMs (revolutions per minute). Typical drives range from 5400 to 7200 ROM, with more and more 9600 RPM drive appearing on the scene. A faster rotational speed means greater performance, especially in games, however, it may cause greater heat and noise. Carefully analyze and decide what unit works best for you. Since all of your important documents are stored onto a hard drive, a good hard drive is worth every penny.

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