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Meet the Garmin Smartwatch

Garmin smartwatches are designed to improve your life with hands-free payments and fitness tracking all in a small, stylish accessory. With a library of apps to add to your device, you can customize your device to fit your lifestyle. Choose from options like maps, music, or free watch faces to truly customize your Garmin smartwatch. Garmin offers several models with their own unique features so you can own your dream smartwatch. If you want the latest and greatest, start with a model compatible with Garmin Pay™ for contactless payment or a GPS watch for the active lifestyle. These high-tech watches are like wearing your smartphone on your wrist. The devices can locate each other if you happen to lose one so you can stay connected.

Your new smartwatch frees you from your smartphone. These Garmin watches allow you to receive emails, texts, or other notifications without picking up your phone. If you get a text that requires an immediate response, you can send a reply from a list of messages saved to your watch. You can edit this list with the Garmin Connect™ app for responses that make sense for your job or personal life. Your smartwatch lets you leave your phone to charge in the other room without worrying about missing an important phone call or work email. A Garmin smartwatch brings the best technology to your wrist. All of Garmin's watches boast incredible battery life, with some designs lasting up to 10 days without a charge. Certain models are water-rated so you can track your heart rate or steps while you're at the spa or going for a swim. The Garmin Connect™ app connects to any Garmin smartwatch you choose. In the app, you can track daily steps, check your heart rate during a run, track your personal best run times, and connect with friends who also have Garmin watches.

Track Your Goals in Style

With a variety of silhouettes, styles, and colors, Garmin smartwatches offer something for everyone. Choose from leather, silicone, nylon, or metal bands so you can adapt your smartwatch to your style. If a tech-centric look isn't your style, have no fear. Models like Garmin Lily™ or vivomove® look like classic analog watches with hidden digital displays. Stunning rose gold models look and feel luxurious whereas a camo option makes the perfect gift for your favorite outdoorsman. Smartwatches can do more than check messages, though. Whether you're a runner, golfer, or triathlete, there's a Garmin smartwatch for you. These watches are the perfect tool to add to your training regimen. Your watch will help you track training goals and comes pre-loaded with features like activity profiles for running, swimming, biking, golfing, and more. Monitor your heart rate from your wrist or use the Pulse Oxsu2/su sensor to gauge how your body absorbs oxygen while you sleep, for example. Watches with Expedition Mode are perfect for athletes who prefer long treks and don't want to worry about charging their watch. If you have a friend or trainer who holds you accountable, use the LiveTrack feature in the app so they can track your races or training sessions. Multiple colors and styles are available so you can work out in style. Garmin watches are designed for any person with any lifestyle. From serious athletes to those who just want to move more, Garmin has the perfect watch for you. If you're not sure which Garmin smartwatch is right for you, visit our storefront or call one of our tech experts at 800-860-3577.

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